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Bad Ass Business black and white work look with purple

Some times you just feel a little badass. For instances like those, you need a look that reflects that mood. I don’t do dark colors to often but when I’m feeling especially fierce, a look like this is right up my ally.  I would probably add in a touch of purple for just a bit color but nothing too attention grabing. How could you not be ready to kick ass and take names in an ensemble like this?

..because sometimes I just feel super.








Tee close up

My schedule is always packed. I’m always working on something. With countless projects in progress and ridiculous to-do lists, I never get enough sleep and I doubt that I ever will. This outfit is a fun little ode to my inner superhero. A Supergirl tee worn under a blazer just in case I have to duck into a cubicle and do a quick change before running off to go do something incredibly awesome.

Blazer: Vince Camuto, Jeans: Almost Famous, Handbag: Furla, Shoes: Nine West