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Turtle neck 20v2

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Turtle neck 21v2

I did a lengthy stint in New York a few years back and during my time in The Big City I was able to pick up on a few implicit fashion rules; principles that would generally be considered a given if you were to ask any “real New Yorker”.

Now, when it comes to sporting bright colors, I’m a Miami girl to the core, winter be damned. So I’ve never been too keen on wearing an abundance of dark colors. However, for me, dark turtlenecks have always had a certain je ne sais quoi.

For this NY-esque look, I ornamented my ensemble with some of my favorite gold accessories. Also note how the hem on the pants was also the perfect length for showing off the patent leather collar on my leather point toe shoes. All together a classic look that could easily be considered a standard in any 5th Avenue townhouse.