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Jordan's office Screen Shot 2014-04-04 at 12.12.42 AM

So I might be a smidge late on this but I guess better late than never. Last December I went to see the movie The Best Man Holiday. The movie had barely even started before I was hit with a 1-2 punch of visual goodness. In one of the movies first moments the scene opens on Jordan, Nia Long's character as she paces the floor of a breathtaking, big-city office.  Now as beautiful as that spectacular office was, it paled in comparison to the vision of power and poise that was Ms. Long in that perfectly tailored, two-tone suit.

Nia long in Best Man crop2

I was in love with this look. I immediately had to find out more. It was time to do some digging. Let me tell you, I would have been completely consumed by my research had I not been so darn busy with a pending trip to Montreal and Black Friday related, deadline madness at work. After a thorough search I discovered that the outfit was one of a kind. This saddened me a little (Don’t mind me I would soon remember that I sit well outside the proper tax bracket for individuals actually capable of affording this type of magnificent creation to begin with). The two-piece suit was vintage Alexander McQueen layered in organza, lace and tulle and was specially customized for Jordan’s character.

After coming to the painful realization that not even several weeks of savings would afford me the good conscience to acquire the fabulousness that is this ensemble, I set out on a mission to find some business looks that played off the same color blocking idea. Here’s what I came up with:

  1. Moschino Blazer and Tulle Skirt: This first selection is the closest thing I think you’re going to get to the McQueen suit. It’s also the closest I’m featuring in the McQueen price range. The blazer rings up at nearly $2,000.00 and the skirt almost $1,500. If this floats your boat, click the link to add to your collection. Click here for more info
  2. BASLER Short Sleeve Color Block Dress: This color block one piece is stunning and although it’s not a suit like the McQueen, it plays off of the same idea. Strategically placed blocks of color do wonders for the figure. Click here for more info
  3. Three Dots Color Block Dress: Much more modestly priced, this long sleeve pencil dress gives you just a touch of sexy while still keeping thing conservative. Click here for more info
  4. ASOS Structured Pencil Dress: One of my favorite online shops does a great job of delivering this Pretty/Powerful look. Short sleeves make this a great piece for transitioning from day to night. Throw a blazer over it prepare to make power moves. Click here for more info


So there you have it. Have fun recreating the look. Thanks for reading. Now let's make power moves lades.