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Editor look woman in suspenders 5185 edit
Photo credit: Sharaz Allahar

Editor look woman in suspenders 5159 edit Editor look woman in suspenders 5162 edit

Editor look woman in suspenders 5189 edit Editor look woman in suspenders collage

Editor look woman in suspenders collage2

Editor look woman in suspenders 5136 edit Editor look woman in suspenders 5130

I'm at it again with the menswear pieces. I love to see funky looks with women wearing suspenders but I kept it pretty simple this time opting for this chic black and white look, which is primarily white with a touch of black. It's a look that resembles something you might see a reporter wearing in an old school movie. I'm a writer so it seemed pretty appropriate, n’est-ce pas? A classic button-down, long sleeve shirt and white pants are given some smart personality with black suspenders which feature subtle silver finishes along with a black fedora. I'm ready to get the story.

  • Shirt: H&M, White Long Sleeve Button Down
  • Pants: The Limited, White Slacks
  • Suspenders: Carter Room, Pinstriped Suspenders
  • Shoes: Nine West, Nubuck Peep Toe Heels
  • Fedora: Novelty store find

The Scandal Collection at The Limited Kerry Washington

Oh Em Geee ladies. The Scandal Collection from The Limited is finally here. I cannot tell you how excited I am. One word: Beyond. Ladies, you too can now don the white cape along with several other fashionable pieces that you can use to turn your business professional wardrobe up a notch. If you love Olivia Pope’s fashion sense on the show, you’ll no doubt love what Kerry Washington and The Limited have cooked up. The Limited partnered up with Kerry and Scandal costume designer, Lyn Paolo (who is a genius with the work she does with the wardrobe for the show) to bring you powerful but pretty looks inspired by Kerry Washington’s no-nonsense character Olivia Pope

I felt like a giddy schoolgirl thumbing through the selections. As you can imagine, the collection is filled with fabulous coats and sharp pants because as we all know very well Olivia wears the pants, figuratively and literally.  What about skirts and dresses? It’s handled. Though Olivia Pope rarely wears dresses aside from during flash backs or ball gowns to formal events, there are a couple of chic dresses and skirts in the 42 piece collection.

I’m loving the interchangeability of it all. Mix and match the pieces and the options are seemingly endless. In fact, my only problem with the line is that it’s filled with fabulous coats and cold weather options that I can’t get much use out of here in South Florida.  Noooo (sheds single tear).  There’s a white coat inspired by the Burberry Prorsum Double Duchess caped trench coat that Kerry wore in the season 3 opener that I absolutely love.  In fact, I wore a white caped blouse with a similar aesthetic in one of my previous posts.

scandal inspired burberry the limited white cape coat

scandal inspired Ferragamo the limited cream wool coat

Let’s hope they keep this thing going. The Limited has announced that there are 40 more pieces coming for the Scandal Holiday collection so one can hope the collection extends beyond that.  I live to see Olivia in caped coats and leather opera gloves as much as the next Gladiator but I’m oh so curious to see what Olivia Pope would wear in the summer.

Prices for the smart but beautiful collection range from approximately $49 to $298. All Gladiators can purchase pieces from the collection here

Looks 2 - Leopard Top - Final --9A

Looks 2 - Leopard Top - Final --4A

Looks 2 - Leopard Top - Final --8A

look 2 3-in1

Looks 2 - Leopard Top - Final --3

Look2 collage(Photo credit Sean Griffin Photography)

If you work in Corporate America or if working in Corporate America is a goal of yours, it's time to embrace the idea of working in a corporate jungle. I put this look together as a tribute to my current place in the jungle.

I love the idea of combining a leopard print with a bold solid color. I think a vivid shade of green or purple would have worked just as well. I accessorized with some gold pieces and a black and gold quilted bag that mimics the style of the Prada Lux Saffiano Pyramid bag.

My wildlife-influenced attire is a fashionable embodiment of my day-to-day role in this corporate jungle. Complete with king (CEO), packs (cliques and teams) and predators (self-explanatory), this jungle at times, is certainly survival of the fittest but I manage to have fun with it. Look good - feel good. Feel good - do good.

Turtle neck 20v2

Turtle neck 18v2

Turtle neck 19v2

Turtle neck 21v2

I did a lengthy stint in New York a few years back and during my time in The Big City I was able to pick up on a few implicit fashion rules; principles that would generally be considered a given if you were to ask any “real New Yorker”.

Now, when it comes to sporting bright colors, I’m a Miami girl to the core, winter be damned. So I’ve never been too keen on wearing an abundance of dark colors. However, for me, dark turtlenecks have always had a certain je ne sais quoi.

For this NY-esque look, I ornamented my ensemble with some of my favorite gold accessories. Also note how the hem on the pants was also the perfect length for showing off the patent leather collar on my leather point toe shoes. All together a classic look that could easily be considered a standard in any 5th Avenue townhouse.