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BMW i3 Super Bowl Cmmercial What is Internet


Super Bowl Sunday has always been about the Ads for me.  My inner advertising geek has been hooked since my college days where my marketing professors would assign projects based on ads that ran during the Super Bowl. I’m always curious to  see who pushes the envelope.  Check out some of my favorites below:


1. BMW i3: Newfangled Idea

I thought this BMW commercial with Bryant Gumbel and Katie Couric was pretty brilliant. Footage from 21 years ago shows the anchors trying to figure out the enigma that was the Internet. We catch them asking “What is Internet anyway?”


2. Budweiser:  Lost Dog

Budwisers always goes for the heartstrings. I’m pretty sure this story of a lost-then-found pup gave me all the doses of cute I'll be needing for the year.


3. Fiat 500X: The Blue Pill

This cheeky little ad was all about innuendo. When this senior fellow loses his little blue pill right before it’s time to get intimate, he doesn’t quite know what to do with himself. Oh and when they ended with the line “Bigger, more powerful and ready for action.” All I could do is smile. Oh behave.


4. Bud Light: Real Life PacMan

When Bud Light puts a grown man inside a real life PacMan game and asks him if he’s down for whatever, a good time will probably be had.


5. Dove Men + Care

I’m a little confused by the message. What makes men stronger? Showing that he cares. Dove Care makes men stronger. Ehh? Whatever the commercial’s just so darn touching, it was destined to be one of my favorites.


Some honorable mentions go to:

Microsoft: Braylon O'Neill

This ad featured a voice over from one of my favorite rappers, Common narrating the story about Braylon O'Neill, an inspiring child with prosthetics.


Sprint: Sprint’s Super Apology

First Sprint apologized for calling Verizon and AT&T goats and then they proceeded to call them jackasses. Ha Ha. They’re cutting the competitions bills in half for their new customers. They are so wrong for that but also so right.


Nomore.org: Pledge to say NO MORE

The message was somber but so well done that I forgive them for putting a damper on the mood. It was a great way to bring light to an issue like domestic violence.


Nationwide: Invisible Mindy Kaling

While Nationwide missed with the "dead little boy" ad they hit the nail on the head with this one. I love Mindy Kaling. No one should ever make her feel invisible.

Overall, there were some great commercials.  Nothing absolutely floored me but I appreciate the creativity. One observation I made is almost all of these commercials had a designated hashtag. The ad guys really had social media top of mind this year. You can see the effort put forth in hopes of sparking conversation and creating something that would be a viral success. Good job. Until this time next year.