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I'm on a new mission. We'll sort of. The thing is, I really need to acknowledge and nurture my passion, my raison d'être. I want to pay more attention to the things that feed my soul. If only I didn't want to do a million things at once. Lets talk about the blog. Shamefully, I've been neglecting it. Something I started with so much promise and excitement has fallen by the way side so I can be more productive in other areas. At first it was the struggle in trying to balance it all, a heavy workload from my "day job",  juggling a slew of personal projects and just the regular trappings of every day life. However, once I got into the habit of neglecting it a little bit, it became easier to neglect it a little more and a little more until I reached the point where someone should have called child protective services on me for neglecting this baby of mine, as I so often put it. She is malnourished and I am now an unfit parent.

The good news is I’ve pinpointed a problem and I'm ready to fix it. Part of the sorta-new mission that I mentioned before is really to conduct a self-evaluation and in the process be honest with myself about what I want out of life. Career, family, spirituality etc. What is going to make me feel whole? I have so many different interests that it's hard to pinpoint where it is that I should place my focus. I've tried to do everything at once before and have learned that spreading myself too thin gets me a whole lot of nowhere.

It might be time to pull back a bit from my mission to reach the upper echelons of the corporate ladder and come up with a definition of personal success that really means something to me. What does that mean for the blog I created with a heavy focus on taking corporate America by storm? The power moves and female empowerment are still important to me but those things may take on a whole new meaning as I really define my true mission and vision for my life. The power moves I make going forward don’t necessarily need to be confined within the walls of a mega corporation. Why not explore making power moves in entrepreneurship, real estate, stocks, investments, social responsibility, powerful connections and more. If you're reading this, I'm glad you're still with me on this journey. I apologize for leaving you hanging. I'm talking to you and myself. You hear me self? I apologize for leaving you hanging. We're gonna get this together. As always...

Thank you for reading. Now… Let the power moves continue.

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Not too long ago I was reading an article in Essence Magazine entitled "Managing Your Career in your 20's, 30's, 40s and Beyond". One of the pointers that stuck out to me was “Build your success team”. As I sent the snippet to some friends something dawned on me. I might need to take this pointer in the literal sense and really build a team. If you look at some of the world’s most successful people, you'll likely find that most if not all will attribute their success to having the right people in their corner. Rarely does one ever say, "I did this all by myself." This brings to mind the African proverb "It takes a village to raise a child” and Hillary Clinton's book of the nearly the same name. Of course that idea refers to child rearing but the same concept of a large circle of influence can be applicable to career rearing as well.

So I began to think of my career in basketball terms. It's my favorite sport to watch so the model was easy to work with.  What kind of a team would I need to build to make sure that my career is a of a championship caliber. In basketball the saying is defense wins championships. What this means to me is I have a responsibility to make sure I'm ready for whatever obstacles or hardships that may pop up at anytime. So here’s how I thought I should build my team:


You’re the owner. You’re accountable for building a winning team to take you to the championship. This is your team. You stand to loose the most if you build a weak team.

Head coach(s)Senior Executive level mentors

You will need mentors. These are your most accomplished, most knowledgeable, and experienced mentors. They’ve proven themselves in their careers, paid their dues and have the respect of their peers to prove it. Tap into the wealth of information they can provide and the resources they can offer. You’re gonna need it.

Assistant coachesMid-career level mentors

These are seasoned professionals though not at the peak of their careers, still have so much to offer. Their wins and losses up to this point can provide great insight into what it takes to get there.

Trainer(s) - Your teachers

Any body or entity that you can learn from and use to help sharpen your skills. Whether it be an industry pro, teachers, classes, books, webinars, or networking groups your trainer(s) will get you in tip top playing shape.

Your starting 5 - Your trusted peers

Fill positions 1-5 with work colleagues, family, friends, and industry connections. People you know are in your corner and want nothing more than to see you win. They’re sending you job and investment leads, providing you with references on linkedin, talking you up to their peers and introducing you to connections they think might be helpful to you. They are in the trenches with you and you’re probably returning the favors.

Fans/Cheerleaders  - Your support system

Your fans/cheerleaders will not only encourage you but will also let everyone know how awesome you are. They may not have time or knowledge to help you look for opportunities or provide suggestions but they believe in you and their words of encouragement provide you with much needed motivation.

This sounds like the makings of a great team to me. Whether you want to add in some other key people and give them roles like referee (for unbiased truth) and marketing & sales (to sell you) is all up to you. The overall idea is that you have a solid team in place to help you achieve your professional goals.

Thanks for reading.  Now… “Let the power moves continue.”

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So I've read a couple of these “Things successful people do…” and “Things rich people do…” lists and thought I’d share one of the more recent ones I've come across and then I thought “Why not include a couple?”.  As with everything else, to each his own when it comes to finding a rhythm of things that work for you but I feel like getting insight into the activities highly successful people have in common could very possibly have some real value. I've read “The 7 Habits of Highly Successful People” and that had some good takeaways but cross referencing some of these lists helps to further open my eyes to some of the things I could be doing to promote my success and the rationale behind them. Some of the common points:

Wake up early.

This seems to be on all the lists. It’s a pretty obvious one. Early bird gets the worm kinda thing. Getting up earlier gives you a head start on the day and more time to be productive. I currently wake up at or before 6 am (because my commute is a pain). I’m also a notorious night owl who regularly runs on 3-4 hours of sleep so this getting up even earlier business… ehh I’ll let you know how that works out.

Do the important things first.

Oh, I've got this one in a bag. Maybe not a full size bag but more like a sandwich bag. Alright, maybe a snack bag.  Jokes aside, I’m much better at prioritizing now-a-days than I was previously but there could always be room for improvement.

Finish your to do list.

Oh the insanity. What the #^@%? How am I supposed to do that? Well maybe I could put less stuff on the list. Ugh, but everything seems so important when I put it on the list. But what’s the point of listing it if I know I’m not going to get to it,right? Alright, alright so you have a point.  I’ll work on it, geez.

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