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Khloe Kardashian's old Home Office home with Lamar Odom 2
Kardashian home office pre Odom split


So I’ll admit I have indulged in a couple of episodes of Keeping up with the Kardashians on occasion (Don’t judge me).  Khloe generally amuses me, as she always seemed the most perplexed by sister Kim’s ridiculous rise to fame as well as disgusted by her delusions of grandeur. Khole was our inside man. Saying the things the general public were saying and wondering but from inside the Kardashian household.

One thing I noticed… wait a minute. I sense judgment. Now you can’t really appreciate where I’m going with this if you’re judging are you? Now stay with me. Okay, so one thing I noticed is that I really enjoyed their style. I’m not talking clothing. I’m talking interior design.  A girly girl like me can definitely appreciate the Kardashian's love of all things glam.  As to be expected Kris Jenner is all about the glam and so is daughter Kim Kardashian. Kortney is a bit more partial to the warm family feel but her home décor choices are still very chic. The surprise is Khloe, the down-to-earth Kardashian. I wouldn’t have expected for her design choices to be quite so elegant.

When I first got a glimpse of her home with Lamar Odom I fell head over heels over the grand entrance and stair case. The second thing to capture my heart was Khloe’s fabulous home office space. A large mirrored desk sat in the center of the room with other mirrored elements like a small coffee table and bookshelf with mirrored backing. A clear and black chandelier provides sparkle right above the desk and provides a great ambience with the light bouncing off the mirrors perfectly.

Khloe's Kardashian's current home office
Kardashian home office post Odom split

Since her split from Lamar Odom, Khloe’s moved into her new pad and moved her office décor right along with her. The room pretty much has the same feel but I actually prefer the original version. Although I do love the tray ceilings in version two, the first room seemed to have much more natural light and I prefer the darker color on the walls.

For the fans of Khole’s glam office (admittedly or not), I’ve compiled some sweet finds to help you re-create the look.

Khole Kardashian Home office collage

Khole Kardashian Home office collage

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  2. Linon Carnegie Black Cevron Arm Chair – Khols  view item
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