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If you haven’t started your planning for 2015, you’re a little behind but that’s okay. In my last post I touched on goal setting for the New Year and as I called it, planning for Q1.  I thought I’d delve a little deeper and share some insight into how I approached this task.


Step 1 – Make a list (check it twice or 5 times… or whatever)

The first step was taking the time to think about what I wanted to achieve this year and then listing those things out.  I’m talking clearly-defined, measurable goals people.

Step 2 – Take note

I thought it was also important that I do a year-end review of 2014.  What was I able to accomplish last year? What didn’t I accomplish that I really wanted to? What are some positive/successful actions that I’ll want to carry into the next year versus things I should make sure I leave in 2014 and stay clear of this year?

Step 3 – Set priorities

Now, of all of these goals, which ones are most important? Prioritization is imperative to ensure that I’m not just tackling whatever’s easy first.  I want the big fish so I can’t be dilly-dallying with the sardines. I need to focus.

Step 4 – Strategery (Yes that's  strə-tee-jər-ee a la Will Ferrell)

Now that I know what I want, it's time for the plan of attack.  I need to determine when I want it and how I’m going to get it. It’s time to think strategy and create a plan for achieving each goal. Set timelines and figure out how I’ll be investing resources like time and money.

Step 5 – Plan A, B, C… and F it

I needed alternate strategies for achieving my goals, especially the larger more complex ones. It’s inevitable that in working towards my long list of goals certain instances may arise where things don’t work out exactly the way I planned and I end up needing to take a different course of action. By planning thoroughly enough I give myself the luxury of falling back on a reserve strategy which gives me a good chance of achieving what I initially set out to do.  If all else fails, say F it and reevaluate.


Things to keep in mind:

Keep tabs on your progress: Do regular audits of your progress to make sure you stay on track.

Keep a visual: Whether it’s a dry erase board with to-do items listed on it or a vision board with imagery of what you want to achieve. Keeping a visual is a great way to stay motivated.

Don’t sweat the small stuff: Avoid dwelling on failures, delays or unaccomplished goals. Dwelling doesn’t help, action does. Learn from mistakes and apply solutions.

Celebrate achievements: It’s okay to do a little celebrating for small wins and quick wins and when you get those big wins it’s a requirement that you celebrate. It isn’t all about the destination, the journey is equally important.

That’s my 2 cents. Hopefully this format will be as helpful to you as it was to me as you complete your 2015 goal planning.

Thanks for reading.  Now… “Let the power moves continue.”

Happy New Year Q1 Champagne-wide

2015 I'm about to make you my bitch. Pardon my French but I really can't help it. I've already listed out my 2015 goals (NOT New Years resolutions) and I'm about to get started on my plan of attack. Every year somewhere in the 4th quarter businesses start laying out a strategy. They discuss what they're going to do the next year. They outline goals and come up with a plan of action to achieve said goals.

I, my friends, think of myself as business. It's not about participating in the cliché resolutions that everyone makes and will inevitably forget about 3 weeks into the year. It's about governing yourself like a business would. In Q4 I was definitely putting some heavy thought on what my Q1 would be like. If you haven't already, it's not too late. Today is day 1 of your Q1 make it count and get to planning so you can get 'er done. Happy New Year!

Thanks for reading.  Now… “Let the power moves continue.”