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Pink Tie White Shirt Dress web IMG_8893
Photo credit: Marguerite Jeudy

Pink Tie White Shirt Dress web IMG_9035

Pink Tie White Shirt Dress web IMG_8897
Pink Tie White Shirt Dress web IMG_8912

Pink Tie White Shirt Dress collage 2


Pink Tie White Shirt Dress web IMG_9003


Pink Tie White Shirt Dress web IMG_9075

Pink Tie White Shirt Dress collage


I'm at it again with the ties. I can't help it; I love them. There something about taking a masculine piece of apparel and making it sassy that I find super appealing. So I originally had the idea of sporting a tie with a fitted white shirtdress but upon thinking about it, I decided that maybe it wouldn't be a look that would work for work. I just pictured myself looking like I had slept over my boyfriends house and had just decided to walk around the office pants-less in his white dress shirt. Not the best visual for the workplace. So when I found this option from Armani Exchange I thought it would be a great alternative. As you know I love color, so I paired the flowy white dress with a pop of color by adding the super hot pink pumps and matching pink tie. A little silver bracelet and tie clip complete this part business, part fabulous look.

Bow tie 9 orig-1finalBow tie 11 final

Bow tie 10 final

Bow tie 12 final

So my fascination with menswear continues. As you may already know, I enjoy taking menswear pieces and sporting them in an ultra feminine fashion. From the time we're little it's engrained in our minds that we are girls and therefore should be partial to pink and all of the color variations in that family. So what better way to make this masculine piece read as feminine then by wearing in audacious hot pink?

To keep things authentic I picked up an actual men's bow tie (no clip-on here) from the men's department at Macy's and threw on an equally audacious Pepto-Bismol colored cardigan over a standard white button up and Voilà... I completely emasculated this bow tie and had a grand ol' time doing it. So what do you guys think?  Could I make some power moves in this?