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test kitchen imageSome times I get an idea for an outfit and it looks absolutely stunning in my head. Oftentimes, things turn out just as I envisioned and my idea looks great and sometimes umm... not so much. No real biggie. I usually just make few adjustments and rock an alternate version of my idea.

So here's my test kitchen. Basically, it’s just a visual representation of what's going on in my head so I can see it and get a better idea of how things will look when I pull all of the elements together thereby avoiding a ton of adjustments later on.

Now, I'm calling this my professor look. The objective is to create a look that gives off the aura of a distinguished professor. And what says, "I'm a professor" better than a smart tweed jacket and jeans? Sure some valid credentials and some actual students might say it too,  but whatever, let's not nitpick. It's all about the style here and I'm looking forward to putting this one together. I'll let you know how things turn out.