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girl what's your number

I was watching a Ted Talk not too long ago entitled The Career Advice You Probably Didn’t Get by Susan Colantuono.   The Talk, which was targeted to a female audience, focused on building a reputation where you are known for your leadership skills. What Susan meant by “leadership skills” wasn’t the common notion of leading a project, delegating responsibility or decision-making.  Leadership skills, as she defined them are determined by results. Oh, so you have great leadership skills do you? How good are you at achieving and sustaining extraordinary outcomes? This isn’t just about looking like you’re working really hard or doing a seemingly great job. It’s about being able to share the numbers that prove it.

Though this isn’t a foreign concept (many of the career development materials I’ve read advocate tooting your own horn to some degree), it’s still not a very popular idea to most women. What men get that women often don’t is how important it is to show off your business, strategic and financial acumen. For a business leader your personal greatness and ability to engage your reports is great but what does that mean in terms of the bottom line to my business.

I once Googled one of my bosses. Actually, he was my boss’s, boss’s boss. I stumbled on a panel he sat on with another gentleman and two other women, all from notable organizations. Right off the bat I noticed a distinct difference in the way the two men presented themselves. The women were sort of closed in while the men took up space. The men called attention to themselves with their disposition and gestures and made sure to call out their numbers. When asked to introduce themselves, they proudly informed the audience of recent business successes and what that meant to their respective companies in dollars and cents, when clearly no one had asked them, but this is the disposition of what we recognize as great leaders in business.  If you’re doing great work and achieving extraordinary outcomes, people need to know about it. Go ahead and give out your numbers girls. Don’t be shy. It doesn’t mean you’re fast, pretentious or self-absorbed. It just means you’re a great leader who can prove it.

To view Susan Colantuono’s Ted Talk click here.


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