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white crocs white shoes labor day

I once got into a passionate discussion with some of my closest friends on the subject of wearing white after Labor Day and the particular pet peeve of wearing white shoes in general. So this post is dedicated to some of my closest friends, The Crew.

I can think of no person on this planet that hates, I mean absolutely loathes white shoes more than my good friend Horasetta. There’s no question in my mind that when Horasetta hears someone mention white shoes, the below image is what immediately comes to mind.

Martin Jerome white shoes

If you’re a child of the 90’s, you’re familiar with the show Martin and one of the shows popular characters, Jerome.  In the unlikely event that you’re not, let me give you the run down. Jerome, a character played by Martin Lawrence, was the self-proclaimed “Playa from the Himalayas” and the absolute epitome of all that is tacky.  From ill-fitting track suits to pastel, leather coordinates worn with clashing cowboy boots, it’s safe to say if Jerome was wearing it, you should have to good sense not to…but guess what! Jerome and I have something in common. We love our white shoes. I mean look at ‘em. Look at the white shoes. Look at my white shoes.

Martin look at the white shoes labor day

My friend Bo say’s the only time she’s ever worn or will ever wear white shoes was on her wedding day. Say it ain’t so Bo. I’m not sure why white shoes continue to get the bad rap.  I think the right shoe can be ever so chic.  Really, who’s to blame for the notion that a color can look good on one body part but not another?  I can wear a white blouse – Gorgeous. I can carry a white purse – Cool. Rock a white bracelet – Cute. White headband, white scarf? What’s that? All of that’s okay? Wait a minute but… gasp and clutch pearls if you dare to wear white pants or God forbid, white shoes. So… I’m confused.  Maybe you can help clarify this for me by completing this sentence. White shoes are tacky because _____.

While you’re working on that, what about this rule about not wearing white after Labor Day? Not one fashionista can tell you who started it or exactly why. All we know is that it’s a rule we follow. Well, not me but certainly many. First off, rules are made to be broken. Your style should be just that, your style. My style is light, bright, feminine and chic. I love bold colors and lively looks. This is probably why I just didn’t fit in fashion-wise in New York.  Who’s going to tell me not to wear cobalt blue because it’s August? Not a damn soul that’s who.

The Crew sent me this link because I’d never seen this movie. LOL I can’t stand them for this. I agree with the lawyer and the poor lady getting the snot pummeled out of her with the phone. 1. Beverly Sutphin is insane (don't take fashion advice from cuckoo birds. 2. Fashion has changed.

Some of my fashion faves breaking the rules in white shoes Serial Mom be damned.  (Jessica Alba, Victoria Becham, Miranda Kerr, Solange Knowles, Karolina Kurkova and the incomparable Sarah Jessica Parker)
Some of my fashion faves breaking the rules in white shoes, Serial Mom be damned. (Jessica Alba, Victoria Beckham, Miranda Kerr, Solange Knowles, Karolina Kurkova and the incomparable Sarah Jessica Parker)

I get it. White tends to give off a look of leisure. Wearing white is a great way to help stay cool in the summer.  Resort collections make heavy use of the white linen look and Buffy Von-Something is always wearing her finest white culottes at the country club so then the formula in our heads becomes White = Summer.  Got ‘cha but here’s the thing.  I look good in white (flips hair).  I wear white year-round and couldn’t give two farts whose nose it wrinkles.

Angelina Jolie, Nicole Richie, Jennifer Lopez, and Kerry Washington look stunning in all white.
Angelina Jolie, Nicole Richie, Jennifer Lopez, and Kerry Washington all look stunning in all white.

Though even I’ll admit white linens may be a stretch in the dead of winter in metropolises like New York or DC but I live in Miami. If the lady walking in front of me is wearing bedazzled booty shorts in January, I can wear my white jeans and if I should so happen to want to pair said white jeans with some white shoes (Horasetta cover your eyes girl), that’s what I’m going to do.

If you love your white and your bright colors like I do but are worried about “the rule”, I say ask yourself the following: Is it designed well? Does it fit you well? Do you look good in it? Do you feel good in it? Yes? Well, wear that s%&* like Jerome, the Mayor of Debonair would, with confidence.

“Ou ou, I say ou ou ou, I say Jerome’s in house. I say Jerome’s in the ha-ou ha-ou, watch ya mouth.”