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Marie Forleo Networking isn’t my favorite thing to do but it’s basically a must in the business world. Personally, I have a couple of introvert related obstacles to overcome in order to be able to do this effectively so it’s an ongoing process. Every now and again I take to Youtube to see if I can find anything helpful on the subject. I stumbled upon a series of business related videos from vlogger Marie Forleo. Score! Just my luck, one video specifically addresses the challenge of Networking without coming off as a quote “fakey pants”. It’s an interesting watch.

FYI her site seems to be a great resource too. You may want to check that out as well.   http://www.marieforleo.com/ Thanks for visting. Now let’s make power moves ladies.


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Confession: I’m horrible at remembering names. We’re introduced, I say your name and it immediately falls out of my brain the moment it’s left my mouth. I’m trying to get better at this I promise, because this is bad, bad, super bad for business. So I wanted to share some of the methods I’m currently trying to employ. If you’re anything like me, maybe some of these will come in handy to you.

Repeat the name right after you hear it

Now, I've heard this one before and it still hasn't quite worked for me. As mentioned above, I still manage to forget the name even after just repeating it. I think the key for me may be multiple repetitions. Not only should I repeat the individuals name but also use it in the conversation. “It’s a pleasure to meet you Gabrielle… So, Gabrielle you’ll be working with us on the retention project… Gabrielle you seem to be full of great ideas?” I should also close things out by concluding with the name. “It was great meeting you Gabrielle. I look forward to working with you.” Obviously, make sure not to overdo it.

Relate the name to something naughty

This can be our dirty little secret. Association is a great way to remember things. Associate the new person’s name to something funny or naughty. If you can think of something, this should make their name a breeze to remember.  I won’t give you an example here. I trust you can be creative. Important: be careful to never blurt out your naughty association. You’ll probably want to take this one to the grave.

Relate similar names - “Like my friend Anthony.”

Another association method: Relate the name to someone you already know with the same name.  Picture the face of the person you know and hold that image in your mind for a few seconds. Now when you see new Anthony you’ll think of old Anthony and instantly remember the name ( In theory of course).

Write that sucker down.

Granted you’re not always in a position to write things down when you’re out and about meeting people, but if you get the chance to steal away for a second or can hold on to the name just long enough to be able to make a note of it post-meeting, by all means do so. You’re lucky it’s still fresh so write it down as soon as you get the chance. If you’re like me and your smart phone is typically within reach, pull up your notes app and punch that baby in.That’s it for my 2 cents on the subject. Now, let's make power moves ladies.

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