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words are just words quote Jackie R Daniel

So I absolutely love a good quote. If I could end all of my arguments and make all of my points in quotes, I probably would. Why? People have short attention spans and language is complicated. There’s so much satisfaction to be had in using a simple quote to paint a clear picture of a complicated principle. For that same reason, I find that quotes actually help me settle many of my internal conflicts. “Should I take this risk?” “Yes, of course you should ‘Just do it’. I have been motivated time after time by simple quotes that have somehow altered my way of thinking and thus changed my life. It may seem far-fetched but some words are just so powerful, so impactful, that they not only resonate in that moment but the clarity they provide, the epiphany you experience, can last a lifetime. Here are a few of my favorites and how they have and are currently impacting my life:

It’s not the size of the dog in the fight; it’s the size of the fight in the dog. — Mark Twain

I heard this one while in high school. As an introvert, it was a total confidence builder. What it meant to me: As long as you have the heart you can conquer the biggest and the toughest obstacles. I’ve built a mental toughness over the years that has served me much more than my physical fitness ever has.


Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life. — Confucius

My Professional Development professor in college put me on to this one. It struck a cord the moment it left his mouth and I’ve been chasing it ever since. I still haven’t found this utopia yet but I’m relentless in my pursuit of it.


You teach people how to treat you.  Dr. Phil

This may or may not belong to Dr. Phil but that is where I heard it first. The other version is longer and attributed to Tony Gaskins. That version states: “You teach people how to treat you by what you allow, what you stop, and what you reinforce.” Sure the person in question might have been raised by wolves but what have you been teaching them about what is and isn’t acceptable when it comes to you? This quote is a constant reminder for me to not accept the unacceptable. Life changed for me when I grew some metaphorical balls and started putting my foot down.


Personality can open doors, but only character can keep them open. Elmer G. Letterman

I’ve always been drawn to a magnetic personality. After struggling to understand why someone who seemed so great on the surface was eventually sickening to be around, I understood that I put way too much weight on personality. Yeah… I don’t do that anymore.


A liar should have a good memory. Quintilian

Alternate version: “No man has a good enough memory to be a successful liar.” – Abraham Lincoln. Recalling memories is easier then recalling stories. I learned to play close attention to the things people say especially when trust is in question. I learned that my silence was my most successful bait when trying to catch a liar. A liar will fill uncomfortable silence with tall tales, fables and details that may or may not be available to his memory later. I just learned to pay close attention.


Trying is lying. Unknown

When I first heard my brother say this I thought he came up with it but it looks like this one’s been around a while. After responding to a question with “I’ll try”, this was his not-so-subtle way of telling me that my response was a cop out, a set up for failure, if you will. Nowadays I’m more conscious of replacing “I’ll try” with "I will.” As you can imagine the “I will” has been more effective in helping me get sh!# done.


Entrepreneurship is living a few years of your life like most people won’t so you can spend the rest of your life like most people can't.” Student of Warren G. Tracy

Honestly, I owe one of my biggest accomplishments in life to this quote.  While going through a tough financial period, I made a decision to deal with my discomfort instead of chasing comfort in order to save money. It was difficult, sometimes near torturous but I knew the sacrifice would pay off in the long run and it did. I crossed a major item off of my goals list and continue to make the sacrifices that I know may be uncomfortable today but will allow me to luxuriate in comfortable later.


Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth. — Mike Tyson

I’m a planner by nature. I plan the hell out of everything. Give me an obstacle and I’m working my way though it in a spreadsheet with considerations for different scenarios. But no matter how detailed your plan there is still a chance that you’ll get hit with an unknown variable and variables sometimes feel a lot like being punched in the face. What I learned: preparation won’t make me invincible and I’m going to have to deal with some BS when I least expect it. I can’t feel sorry for myself. I just have to take the blow and keep it moving.


I got my start by giving myself a start. Madam C. J. Walker

I’ve just added this one to my list. If you read my last post on Madam C. J. Walker, you’ll understand where it comes from. It might be a little too early to determine if this quote actually helps to change my life but it definitely feels like it provides the type of clarity that can be life-changing. When it comes to career or success, I’ll admit I’ve been guilty of waiting for someone to give me a shot. My new outlook is to give myself a shot.


There you have it. A couple of quotes that have helped change my life. There are a couple of others that I didn’t mention and I’m sure there will be more along this journey I call life. Let this be a friendly reminder that words are powerful. Listen closely – apply them wisely.


Thank you for reading. Now… Let the power moves continue.

envisioning it

Mood today: Envisioning my future. I'm looking forward to all of the wonderful things that lie ahead if I keep pressing forward. Staying steadfast and resilient can be hard but taking a few minutes to sit back and envision (I mean a vivid image of) what it will be like when you finally get to where you're going, might be one of the most helpful exercises to do. Procrastinate and it will take you longer to get there. Give up and that will never be your reality. Take some time today to envision it. Whatever "it" is. Then open up your eyes and do what you need to do to go get "it". Happy dream chasing ladies.

woody selfie feeling myself social tag

Beyoncé and Nicki might have said it best: “Feeling myself. I’m feeling myself”.  Today I acknowledge my awesomeness and I think you all should too. Talents, looks, smarts, success, character, whatever you have going for you that you don’t often take the time to recognize, why not recognize it now. Radiate some of that positive, self-assuring energy and draw more of that energy in.  This is what I’m doing today. So no, I’m not being pretentious or cocky; I’m just feeling myself, feeling myself and there’s nothing wrong with that.

mood meme confident

I had a discussion with a friend the other day about being positive and how thinking positively and speaking positively can actually impact our lives for the better. There’s a theory that whatever type of energy you put out is the same type of energy you get back. Think positively and positive things will happen. Think negatively and negative things will happen. To be confident we must be positive in our thinking.  It’s all about what you believe or what you make yourself believe. Trust in yourself and believe that you can do it, whatever it is. There’s a great quote by Henry Ford that goes like this: "Whether you think you can, or you think you can't - you're right." I couldn’t have said it better myself.

fighting web

I've been in fight mode as of late. I'm in a place where everything is seemingly so much harder than it should be. What is a hop, skip and a jump for others is more like a climb up Mount Everest for me. I've been fighting and arming myself with all sorts of weapons for success and bettering myself with the training I believe I need so my victory is eminent. I believe it but sometimes I forget. I need little visual reminders like this to keep fighting. Anything worth having is worth fighting for.

Success hungry tiger web

Hungry. The picture and the word say it all, really. Like a tiger, I feel like I’m on a constant mission for food. Only my sustenance is success. I’m determined but there are always tons of obstacles. I start stalking a group of yummy looking opportunities. I hang low, identify my prey and follow closely. I see the distance between myself and the opportunity gradually narrow and I lie in wait for the precise moment to pounce.

I take off running and this little sucker decides to sprint off.  It zags to left and I zag to the left. It makes a hard right and I make a hard right. I stay with it for as long as I possibly can but today’s just not my day and I’m unable to catch it. Some days this totally messes with my sprit but even with a momentary feeling of defeat, I can’t get the thrill of the chase out of my mind and most importantly I’m still hungry. My constant quest for food is what fuels me daily and until I can catch my prey, there’s no lying on my back and basking in the sun with my friends. I have to get ready for the next chase.  Funny thing is even when the big catch is made, the satisfaction is temporary. Soon enough, there’ll be a different chase. Why? Because I'm always hungry... just sooo hungry.

Go ahead. Stick your tongue out at them.
Go ahead. Stick your tongue out at them.

Isn't it a great feeling when you accomplish something your doubters said you couldn't accomplish? Move with confidence. Remain determined. Use it as fuel to your ambitions fire and keep making those power moves (With your tongue out. If that's what you want to do).

build a success team basketball play imgae

Not too long ago I was reading an article in Essence Magazine entitled "Managing Your Career in your 20's, 30's, 40s and Beyond". One of the pointers that stuck out to me was “Build your success team”. As I sent the snippet to some friends something dawned on me. I might need to take this pointer in the literal sense and really build a team. If you look at some of the world’s most successful people, you'll likely find that most if not all will attribute their success to having the right people in their corner. Rarely does one ever say, "I did this all by myself." This brings to mind the African proverb "It takes a village to raise a child” and Hillary Clinton's book of the nearly the same name. Of course that idea refers to child rearing but the same concept of a large circle of influence can be applicable to career rearing as well.

So I began to think of my career in basketball terms. It's my favorite sport to watch so the model was easy to work with.  What kind of a team would I need to build to make sure that my career is a of a championship caliber. In basketball the saying is defense wins championships. What this means to me is I have a responsibility to make sure I'm ready for whatever obstacles or hardships that may pop up at anytime. So here’s how I thought I should build my team:


You’re the owner. You’re accountable for building a winning team to take you to the championship. This is your team. You stand to loose the most if you build a weak team.

Head coach(s)Senior Executive level mentors

You will need mentors. These are your most accomplished, most knowledgeable, and experienced mentors. They’ve proven themselves in their careers, paid their dues and have the respect of their peers to prove it. Tap into the wealth of information they can provide and the resources they can offer. You’re gonna need it.

Assistant coachesMid-career level mentors

These are seasoned professionals though not at the peak of their careers, still have so much to offer. Their wins and losses up to this point can provide great insight into what it takes to get there.

Trainer(s) - Your teachers

Any body or entity that you can learn from and use to help sharpen your skills. Whether it be an industry pro, teachers, classes, books, webinars, or networking groups your trainer(s) will get you in tip top playing shape.

Your starting 5 - Your trusted peers

Fill positions 1-5 with work colleagues, family, friends, and industry connections. People you know are in your corner and want nothing more than to see you win. They’re sending you job and investment leads, providing you with references on linkedin, talking you up to their peers and introducing you to connections they think might be helpful to you. They are in the trenches with you and you’re probably returning the favors.

Fans/Cheerleaders  - Your support system

Your fans/cheerleaders will not only encourage you but will also let everyone know how awesome you are. They may not have time or knowledge to help you look for opportunities or provide suggestions but they believe in you and their words of encouragement provide you with much needed motivation.

This sounds like the makings of a great team to me. Whether you want to add in some other key people and give them roles like referee (for unbiased truth) and marketing & sales (to sell you) is all up to you. The overall idea is that you have a solid team in place to help you achieve your professional goals.

Thanks for reading.  Now… “Let the power moves continue.”