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white peplum blazer purple ankle pants IMGP5262
Photo credit: Sharaz Allahar

white peplum blazer purple ankle pants IMGP5260-3

white peplum blazer ankle pants tiffanys double stance

white peplum blazer ankle pants tiffanys double white peplum blazer purple ankle pants IMGP5300 white peplum blazer purple ankle pants seated

white peplum blazer purple ankle pants details

I got the idea to pair a pretty formal looking blazer with a less-formal ankle pant. I preferred this pairing to a skirt, which I thought might look a little too stuffy. I contrasted the white with the bold colored pants and accents of silver. I think it's an interesting cross between "I'm bold and fun" and "I'm serious about my business. A short tail in the back is reminiscent of an old formal tuxedo but this blazer is best suited for the risk-taking, business fashionista.




Super Culotte outfit inspiration collage

They’re super cute and super cool. This year’s hottest fashion item might be the beloved culotte. They’re shorts with a slight identity crisis primarily because from afar you might mistake them for some type of flared skirt. Depending on the dress code at your place of business, you can easily create an ensemble that’s not only safe for work but right on trend as well.

  • Culottes: 3.1 Phillip Lim Ponte Culottes view item
  • Jacket:  Michael Kors Zip Front Tweed Jacket view item
  • Shoes: Varcityy Suede Pointy Toe Pump view item
  • Handbag: Dooney & Bourke Saffiano Zip Zip Satchel view item
  • Necklace: Nordstrom Sequin Stone Collar Necklace view item

Black and White Outfit - 6 -_

Black and White Outfit - 4 - 9146

Black and White Outfit - 5 edit- 9178

Black and White Outfit - 7 edit-_

Black and White Outfit - 8 - 9235

Black and White Outfit - 10 edit- 9237

details collage3 (Photo credit Sean Griffin Photography)

The structured lines if this black, military-inspired blazer are contrasted by the carefree design of the loose-fitting, black and white pants.  What is seemingly a paradoxical paring in theory translates to a combination that works exquisitely well together in real life.

I chose to complement the sharp look of the blazer with some equally sharp looking pointed toe heels.  The ankle strap heel with metallic toe and finish along with silver accessories work with precision to make for an effortlessly balanced look.