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Maya Angelou

When it comes to powerful women, there are few as powerful as Dr. Maya Angelou. In a world where power is often exerted in the form of authoritative, domineering, or pushy behavior, it seemed that the remarkable Angelou never needed to employ any of the above in order to display her power. Her power was effortless. It was poised. It was evident in the manner in which she spoke and the intent and the power of the words she ever so carefully chose. Ears perked up when she spoke and anyone within earshot indubitably gave their undivided attention.

I as a young reader and poet, I remember being enthralled by I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings and later “Phenomenal Woman”. As a young girl, I knew there was something special about her, even though I didn’t quite understand what it was. I knew she was graceful and full of knowledge that she seemingly wanted to share with the world.  I hoped that one day I could display a presence like that and speak with words that would captivate the masses as she did.

We lost a great one today. Not just the literary world or women or African American’s; We, as in mankind, have lost a great one. She was an inspiration to many and for me personally an inspiration to recognize how phenomenal I am and can be. Rest in peace Dr. Angelou. Your contributions to this world will never be forgotten.