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chanel pillow
Photo Credit: Grace Jayde www.gracejayde.com

We haven’t discussed workplace décor in a while so I thought I’d create a short series for you all based on some ideas I’ve been shooting around. Why a high-fashion office? Well, whether you work in fashion or simply have a great appreciation for it, introducing a couple of fashionable elements to your space can really help give it a completely new feel.

designer logo pillows couch setting

Let’s Talk Pillows

So, I've been thinking about some possible designs for my own home office and have been toying with a couple of style themes that would certainly keep things interesting in what can easily be a rather boring space. I mean this is where you work, pay bills, and very likely do a fair amount of stressing. While your office might not be your favorite place to be, who's to say that it can't be a comforting retreat where you're surrounded by all sorts of wonderful pieces that are a reflection of your personality?

Pillows are awesome! They're soft, comfy and welcoming. On top of that, they can also be pretty damn chic. If you're thinking about ways to glam up you're office space, a couple of smartly placed, designer-inspired, throw pillows just might do the trick. A couple of pillows on a desk chair, guest chair, or couch can instantly up the chic factor. Add a couple of designer logos to the mix and we’re talking off the charts. I would just advise this: Don’t go crazy with the pillows. Every inch of the room need not be covered in massive logos. Also try to stick with a color scheme, using no more than two main colors and two accent colors in the room.

If you’re ready to throw some pillows around now, I’ve included a few finds from some sellers on Esty. For you crafty types, here’s a great DIY tutorial from YouTube.

chanel no 5 Chanel No 5 pillow

standards pillow High Standards Coco Chanel quote pillow.

classy fab pillowClassy and Fabulous Coco Chanel quote pillow

white black louboutin pillow Black Classic Christian Louboutin pump pillow

neutral louboutin pillowCream Christain Louboutin Logo pillow

Red louboutin pillowRed Christain Louboutin Logo pillow