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money wasting baby

So I graduated college some (cough) years ago and have toyed with the idea every so often of continuing on with my education and acquiring an advanced degree. I've actually attempted to get started on this process twice by taking courses and prepping to take my GMAT.  I scored horribly on my first attempt so decided I would switch up my prep strategy for the second go-round. Well, things happen and 3 years later I've taken not one step closer in even attempting to start the process over again.

I began to question whether an MBA would really be worth the investment (in both time and financial resources).  Dallas Mavericks owner and billionaire entrepreneur, Mark Cuban has notoriously stated that “an MBA is an absolute waste of money.” The more I thought about it, the more I agreed with this sentiment and the more it started to lose its appeal. A few years ago I was trying to get back into the marketing industry at manager level because that’s where I had left off after being laid off. My gift/curse  was that I was accustomed to being promoted quickly which resulted in a relatively less years of experience typically desired for the positions I wanted but knew I was fully capable of being successful at.

In my job search I saw the term MBA quite a bit but what really seemed to stick out as important was a proven track record. Employers wanted to know that this person would be able to do the job and get them results and cared less about how much they've read about getting the job done. The employer really didn't want to be my lab rat. So most of those places that listed an MBA in the “requirements” section, also carefully noted that this qualification was “preferred” and not a must. In all reality even the ones that claim an MBA is a must would hire a candidate without one if he/she had the track record that proved they've consistently been able to successfully complete the functions of the job without one.

For me, I didn't feel like it would prove anything about my abilities to my potential, future employer. How beneficial could it be to be viewed as the candidate with a Master’s in Business Administration and nothing close to mastery in real-life business administration? In addition to that, I’m creating a road map for my future entrepreneurial development and my future employer doesn't require an MBA and is more concerned with real-world application of skills.

This isn't to say that I believe everyone should pass on the MBA. You have to evaluate your own circumstances and weigh the pros and the cons. It also isn't to say that I’ll never change my mind. I may determine down the line that an MBA will yield me a significant return on investment.  Shoot, I could change my mind tomorrow. Point is, if ever that time should come, I’ll reassess and make an educated decision based on how I realistically see this benefiting me. Thanks for reading. Now let’s make power moves ladies.


J. Daniel