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Editor look woman in suspenders 5185 edit
Photo credit: Sharaz Allahar

Editor look woman in suspenders 5159 edit Editor look woman in suspenders 5162 edit

Editor look woman in suspenders 5189 edit Editor look woman in suspenders collage

Editor look woman in suspenders collage2

Editor look woman in suspenders 5136 edit Editor look woman in suspenders 5130

I'm at it again with the menswear pieces. I love to see funky looks with women wearing suspenders but I kept it pretty simple this time opting for this chic black and white look, which is primarily white with a touch of black. It's a look that resembles something you might see a reporter wearing in an old school movie. I'm a writer so it seemed pretty appropriate, n’est-ce pas? A classic button-down, long sleeve shirt and white pants are given some smart personality with black suspenders which feature subtle silver finishes along with a black fedora. I'm ready to get the story.

  • Shirt: H&M, White Long Sleeve Button Down
  • Pants: The Limited, White Slacks
  • Suspenders: Carter Room, Pinstriped Suspenders
  • Shoes: Nine West, Nubuck Peep Toe Heels
  • Fedora: Novelty store find

Black cardigan and blue tie for a woman IMG_5876edit_sml Black cardigan and blue tie for a woman IMG_5904edit_sml Black cardigan and blue tie for a woman IMG_6033edit_sml Black cardigan and blue tie for a woman IMG_5867edit_sml_ Black cardigan and blue tie for a woman IMG_5892edit_sml Black cardigan and blue tie for a woman IMG_6004edit_sml Black cardigan and blue tie for a woman IMG_6014edit_sml


Sometimes you just feel like wearing a tie. Why the hell not? I have never been one to let gender dictate what type of garments or accessories I wear. It would be foolish to let social norms restrict me from some of the fabulous bow ties and suspenders I manage to find.

Blue is my absolute favorite color so when I found this snazzy blue tie, I couldn't resist. The outfit overall is perfect for chilly SoFlo days like today. A black cardigan is worn over a white button down shirt with black trim detail around the collar and is cinched at the waist by a thin waist belt. Funky textured pantyhose round out the menswear-inspired winterish look.

  • Shirt: ASOS, White Button Down with Black trim
  • Cardigan: Merona (Target), Black Cotton Cardigan
  • Tie: Perry Ellis, Blue Paisley Tie
  • Skirt: Zara, Black Pencil Skirt
  • Tights: H&M, Patterned tights
  • Shoes: Nine West, Nubuck Peep Toe Heels


White pants red shoes and bag DSC_0041edit
                               (Photo credit: AM16 Photography)

In one of my posts last week I discussed wearing white after Labor Day and all of the ridiculous stigma that can come with a fashion choice of this magnitude. I stood up for the right to wear white year-round without judgment so it’s only fitting that I risk perceived “fashion fail” and hit you with this little gem today.

White pants red shoes and bag DSC_0037edit

White pants red shoes and bag clock

White pants red shoes and bag DSC_0027edit White pants red shoes and bag DSC_0033edit

As you can clearly see I’m wearing white…after Labor Day but what I love about this look are the added sprinkles of red and gold. For me, the white and red ensemble subtly conjures up nostalgia of fashion of the late 50’s. I love the fashions from that era and have a feeling my polka dots and pedal pushers would have fit right in.

White pants red shoes and bag double White pants red shoes and bag DSC_0113edit White pants red shoes and bag tripple

Fun fact: I wasn’t feeling the accessories I was initially wearing and decided to try and find something else before we shot these images. Disappointed, my only option at the time was a nearby Payless. Imagine my surprise when I found the perfect set (go figure).  There are hidden gems everywhere folks! The necklace and bracelet set are sort of the poor man’s take on vintage Chanel charm jewelry but hey, I am the poor man so it works.

Black and White Outfit - 6 -_

Black and White Outfit - 4 - 9146

Black and White Outfit - 5 edit- 9178

Black and White Outfit - 7 edit-_

Black and White Outfit - 8 - 9235

Black and White Outfit - 10 edit- 9237

details collage3 (Photo credit Sean Griffin Photography)

The structured lines if this black, military-inspired blazer are contrasted by the carefree design of the loose-fitting, black and white pants.  What is seemingly a paradoxical paring in theory translates to a combination that works exquisitely well together in real life.

I chose to complement the sharp look of the blazer with some equally sharp looking pointed toe heels.  The ankle strap heel with metallic toe and finish along with silver accessories work with precision to make for an effortlessly balanced look.


Suspenders 14v2b

Suspenders 2v2b

Suspenders 1v2b

Suspenders 15 v2b

If Chuck Bass was a black woman, she might very well be dressed like this. As you follow my blog, one thing you’ll learn about me is that I have a great appreciation for menswear. More importantly, I have a penchant for using menswear pieces to transform traditionally masculine looks into strikingly feminine looks. This particular look was inspired by Chuck Bass, the character portrayed by Ed Westwick on Gossip Girl.

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Ah... J'adore Miami, land of perpetual summer and the incessantly scantily clad. But what is a fashionista with an appreciation for fine winter fashion to do when she calls a 2-season city (summer and even more summer-er) home? You plot and you wait.  Because, if you cross your heart and wish on a fallen eyelash, you may just be able to break out those fabulous knee-high boots and that exquisite pea coat two or even three times a year if you're lucky.

So whenever the mercury does finally dip below 60, you'll probably catch me in a getup like this one.  An old favorite, this soft cream coat was love at first sight. Several years later it’s still allowing me to serve you DC scandal-chic a la Olivia Pope. A flowy plum blouse gives it a pop of Miami color while high-waisted slacks take you back a few decades.

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