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9664 Office Halloween black Princess Jasmine

The Halloween celebration at my job seems to get bigger and bigger every year. From the elaborate party in the downstairs auditorium to the costume contest, and the haunted house and other related activities, Halloween definitively isn’t one of those days where you want to call out sick. This year a couple of my super-creative colleagues decided to decorate our entire department in the theme of an evil carnival, a CarnEvil to be precise. They went all out with the decor and needless to say our department emerged victorious when it came to the decorating contest.

I’m always up for having fun at work so I was all in on the festivities. I didn’t go for my usual over-the-top, creative costume this year (*side bar: I made a BuzzFeed list this year for my Halloween Costume as “The Cloud” last year check me out at #10). I just didn’t have the time or the energy to commit but I did thoroughly enjoy my Princess Jasmine getup. Check out a few pictures from the day’s shenanigans.

9684 Office Halloween CarnEvil carnival theme
Skeleton manned ticket booth entry (skeleton not pictured).

9688 Office Halloween clowns 9697 Office Halloween carnEvil mouse popcorn 9718 Office Halloween Clown 9712 Office Halloween Cotton candy

9750 Office Halloween Haunted House
The haunted house got a little crazy this year.

6903 Office Halloween pumpkin carving Trumpkin9720 Office Halloween food throw up guac

Office Halloween Starwars Costumes Department VPs
EVPs and VPs patrolling these mean corporate halls like badasses from Starwars.
6951 Office Halloween Princess Jasmine and Ariel
Disney princesses among the clowns and sketchy carnival types.

cloud costume icloud MG_5692

Halloween is always a fun time at my office. Luckily my past 3 jobs have always made it a fun day for the employees.  This year I decided to tap into the news headlines and capitalize on what’s going on in pop culture. With the recent leaks of celebrity pictures, I thought it would be a great idea if I could be the iCloud.  I gathered my supplies (a hoodie, two pillows and some funny pictures) and went to work.  Here’s the final outcome as well as a glimpse of some the day’s fun.

cloud costume icloud2 IMG_5693

pirate dead halloween costume IMG_5755 spider girl halloween costume IMG_5708 start trek halloween costume IMG_5762 google and cloud IMG_5730_sml

the walking dead halloween costume IMG_5737 Wednesday Adams halloween costume IMG_5746

Halloween cubicle decorations Jac O' Lantern pumpkin carving contest