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cloud costume icloud MG_5692

Halloween is always a fun time at my office. Luckily my past 3 jobs have always made it a fun day for the employees.  This year I decided to tap into the news headlines and capitalize on what’s going on in pop culture. With the recent leaks of celebrity pictures, I thought it would be a great idea if I could be the iCloud.  I gathered my supplies (a hoodie, two pillows and some funny pictures) and went to work.  Here’s the final outcome as well as a glimpse of some the day’s fun.

cloud costume icloud2 IMG_5693

pirate dead halloween costume IMG_5755 spider girl halloween costume IMG_5708 start trek halloween costume IMG_5762 google and cloud IMG_5730_sml

the walking dead halloween costume IMG_5737 Wednesday Adams halloween costume IMG_5746

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