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So I've read a couple of these “Things successful people do…” and “Things rich people do…” lists and thought I’d share one of the more recent ones I've come across and then I thought “Why not include a couple?”.  As with everything else, to each his own when it comes to finding a rhythm of things that work for you but I feel like getting insight into the activities highly successful people have in common could very possibly have some real value. I've read “The 7 Habits of Highly Successful People” and that had some good takeaways but cross referencing some of these lists helps to further open my eyes to some of the things I could be doing to promote my success and the rationale behind them. Some of the common points:

Wake up early.

This seems to be on all the lists. It’s a pretty obvious one. Early bird gets the worm kinda thing. Getting up earlier gives you a head start on the day and more time to be productive. I currently wake up at or before 6 am (because my commute is a pain). I’m also a notorious night owl who regularly runs on 3-4 hours of sleep so this getting up even earlier business… ehh I’ll let you know how that works out.

Do the important things first.

Oh, I've got this one in a bag. Maybe not a full size bag but more like a sandwich bag. Alright, maybe a snack bag.  Jokes aside, I’m much better at prioritizing now-a-days than I was previously but there could always be room for improvement.

Finish your to do list.

Oh the insanity. What the #^@%? How am I supposed to do that? Well maybe I could put less stuff on the list. Ugh, but everything seems so important when I put it on the list. But what’s the point of listing it if I know I’m not going to get to it,right? Alright, alright so you have a point.  I’ll work on it, geez.

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