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vogue outfit platform heel3
Photo credit: Sharaz Allahar

My work place isn’t super stuffy so I can take certain liberties with my ensembles that I might not be able to take, say if I worked at a law firm.  I get to have a little more fun with my outfit choices and how I accessorize but what if… what if I worked in a super creative atmosphere like an edgy ad agency or high-fashion office? What if I worked at Vogue?  Gasp. Oh the outfits I would stroll in wearing. I can only imagine how glorious it would be.  Let’s not even talk about the access to fashion I would have at my disposal on a daily basis.

In honor of that dream scenario I put together this little number. It’s the kind of brow raiser that you wouldn’t typically see in an office environment but totally work appropriate if you work in an office full of creative types who appreciate a little risk taking.

vogue outfit platform heel4

vogue outfit platform heel5

vogue outfit platform heel vogue outfit platform heel2

vogue outfit platform vs pump collage
Platforms or pumps?

What do you think? Switch out the ultra-high, funky platform heel for a somewhat more conservative red pump. This shiny, patent-leather pump is still a little spicy but more of a tamer option if you're trying to get away with the look at work.

vogue outfit red pumps heels collage


vogue outfit accessories collage