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There's no doubt in my mind that this little girl went off and had an absolutely amazing day. Why? Because she drew that energy to her. How many of us drag ourselves out of bed in the morning dreading the start of another lackluster day? We may even sit at the edge of our beds in deep thought. Scratch that, in deep, negative thought, already dissatisfied with a day we have yet to begin (I'm not judging you. I've done this). If we only stopped to think about how powerful our thinking is and how much of an impact our thinking has on our daily lives and wellbeing in general. Everyone always says "You are what you eat." but equally as true is, "You are what you think".

I've always liked the idea of positive affirmations but after reading and watching a couple of inspiring books and videos recently, I’ve started to really make the act a habit. The root of so much failure and dissatisfaction in our lives often comes from how we view ourselves and how we think others may view us. Self-esteem is a large determinant of our success and happiness. You're a lot less likely to become successful if you're viewing yourself as worthless or less than and you're definitely not going to be happy or satisfied in life with that mindset. The good thing is, you have the extraordinary power to change that with one simple thing: positive thinking.

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I have a couple of daily morning rituals that I've enacted recently that have really started to make a difference on my outlook on life. One of these rituals is my positive affirmations routine. In the morning after thinking about and expressing gratitude for the often-overlooked blessings in my life (sight, hearing, mobility, etc.), I begin to speak, out loud, positive things about myself. I begin with "I am..." And complete the thought with a positive attribute. Some of the statements I believe wholeheartedly, 100%, others I may need some work on. But the point is to remind myself of how great those attributes are and speak those iffy ones into existence. I won't delve into all of my affirmations but to give you an idea, I may say: "I am smart. I am compassionate. I am creative. I am beautiful. I am successful. I don't have them memorized. There isn't a script. Sometimes some new affirmations creep in. Sometimes I forget some of the old ones. I usually remember the one's that are most important to me and I think that's what makes the major difference.

If you don't already do this exercise, I implore you to get started. It's a simple activity that can make a huge difference on your life. Take my word for it. There are few things more powerful than the power of positive thinking.

Thank you for reading. Now… Let the power moves continue.