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So I just celebrated a birthday and thought I’d share some of the images from the festivities. I try not to share too many super personal moments here but I felt like this one was special. I hit a milestone birthday and feel like I’m having a milestone year so far and will continue to do so for the remainder of the year and hopefully beyond.



Pictured above is a woman who has come a long way.  As I gave my birthday toast this year I cracked open a three-year old bottle of champagne. I’m no champagne connoisseur so this was in no way shape or form an attempt to age the bottle for taste.  Rather, I was gifted this bottle years ago by my older brother for my birthday. The gift came at a time when I felt I had nothing to celebrate. I was experiencing setback after setback in my career and personal life that left me feeling like a failure and well, failures don’t pop bottles of champagne. I set the bottle aside and told myself I would open it when I had something to celebrate like a fancy new job. I landed a new job and the bottle sat there, for some reason, still unworthy.



b-day toast collage_sml

This year, standing in the presence of a few family members, I made a celebratory toast with that three-year old bottle. Yes, I toasted myself but this wasn’t just about me. I also made it a point to make a toast in honor of the many positive things that were also happening for the ones I love. I expressed how happy and appreciative I am to be where I am at this moment and even how appreciative I should have been at the moments when I thought I had nothing to celebrate. I’m not there yet. My journey isn’t complete. I have tons of goals that I’ve yet to even come close to accomplishing but I’ve realized I have much to celebrate and I have to celebrate now. Every step forward is a reason to celebrate. I have to remember to look away for a moment, from how far I have left to go and instead look back and congratulate myself on how far I’ve come.  I hope you all do the same.  Thanks for reading. Now let’s make power moves ladies.


J. Daniel


Dress: BCBG MAXAZRIA, Belt: Mango