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Nice Girls don't book

This book has been on my to-read list for quite some time. Thanks to the audio version, I finally got around to "reading" it. I've always been the information hungry type and consequently like to gather intel on many of the items I purchase before I commit. I hate the feeling of buyer’s remorse. Personally, it ranks right up there with wasting a first-rate outfit on a second-rate event. So when I started looking at the reviews for this particular book, I grew a little uneasy. They were so mixed I didn't know quite what to expect. Reviews ran the gamut of "very insightful" to "filled with the obvious and outdated".

Despite some of the negative reviews, I decided to give it a shot and what I found was a book that was perfect for someone like me; a nice girl who for some inexplicable reason not only wants to be a part of this not so nice, dog-eat-dog business world, but also has ambitions of eventually leading the pack.

I wanted explanations as to why women still are where we are in the business world in comparison to men. I wanted to know what it is that the men are doing that we women aren't. I wanted to know how to avoid those career-limiting mistakes and this book took me there. I listened intently and took extensive notes.

Author Lois P. Frankel had me at lesson 1: How you play the game. Business is a game and you can win it, she writes.  This might sound obvious. I mean how many times have we heard someone say something like this? The problem is most people dismiss it. We shake our heads in disgust and act as if it’s the exception to the rule. We say things like "It's a game.”, “It's politics.”, and “It’s not fair." and we go on about our business. As Frankel outlines the 100 plus nice girl mistakes, she starts with a hell of an eye opener: Mistake 1: If you don't play (the game) you can't win. Eureka! If you want to succeed you can't pretend this thing isn't a game. She advises that you should instead be aware of the rules and develop strategies to make them work to your advantage.

Another notable mistake; Mistake 7: Work hard. This one outlines some of the same ideas I covered in my "Why aren't I getting promoted?” post. Here Frankel dismisses as a myth the notion of advancing by working twice as hard. In her words; “No one ever got promoted purely because of hard work. Likability, strategic thinking, networking and being a team player are a few of the other factors that go into crafting a successful career.” So what are the men up to while we’re busy working twice as hard as them? They’re socializing and networking. Men don't just work hard they build relationships that will later work for them. They work smart rather than hard.

What else did I learn? Well entirely too much to outline here. However, I can say that I know I have several mistakes to work on including #12 Waiting to be given what I want, #54 A reluctance to negotiate and #82 Asking permission. All of these topics and more are helpfully covered in Nice Girls Still Don’t Get the Corner Office.

So did it move me? Obviously, yes. Would I recommend it to others? Ya damn skippy. Thanks for reading. Now get this book and let’s make power moves ladies.