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white peplum blazer purple ankle pants IMGP5262
Photo credit: Sharaz Allahar

white peplum blazer purple ankle pants IMGP5260-3

white peplum blazer ankle pants tiffanys double stance

white peplum blazer ankle pants tiffanys double white peplum blazer purple ankle pants IMGP5300 white peplum blazer purple ankle pants seated

white peplum blazer purple ankle pants details

I got the idea to pair a pretty formal looking blazer with a less-formal ankle pant. I preferred this pairing to a skirt, which I thought might look a little too stuffy. I contrasted the white with the bold colored pants and accents of silver. I think it's an interesting cross between "I'm bold and fun" and "I'm serious about my business. A short tail in the back is reminiscent of an old formal tuxedo but this blazer is best suited for the risk-taking, business fashionista.




Bad Ass Business black and white work look with purple

Some times you just feel a little badass. For instances like those, you need a look that reflects that mood. I don’t do dark colors to often but when I’m feeling especially fierce, a look like this is right up my ally.  I would probably add in a touch of purple for just a bit color but nothing too attention grabing. How could you not be ready to kick ass and take names in an ensemble like this?

07 Red pants black and white striped blazer

08 Red pants black and white striped blazer

09 Red pants black and white striped blazer

06 Red pants black and white striped blazer

05 Red pants black and white striped blazer


I love a bold pair of slacks. In this case, it's all about the daring red. I've always thought of red as a power color. The captivating hue has a way of commanding attention, which makes it the perfect option for days when you could use a boost of confidence. Though a pair of red pants may be a bit much for the super conservative office, most of us aren't stuck in the land of the perpetual grey suit and can risk spicing things up. Something like this should fit right in to your business casual workplace.




plaid side by side tkt gtl v2







plaid details collage

So back in April I posted a Test Kitchen Tuesday ensemble that I arranged to show how to rock the plaid trend in sophisticated fashion.  While I didn’t re-create the look exactly, I definitely used the post as inspiration.

Instead of the white structured blazer, I opted for a long sleeve, cotton top with a black Peter Pan collar. I altered the top from its original box shape to a more tailored fit, which I thought would work better with the pencil skirt. The result was an outfit that I felt like a total rock star in. You know, the gainfully employed, corporate, rat-racing kind of rock star. Yeah that kind.

Dressing for Cocktails After Work 

Look 4 - White Dress - Final - 3A -_

Look 4 - White Dress - Final - 5A - 9342A

Look 4 - White Dress - Final - 7 - 9377 Look 4 - White Dress - Final - 4A - 9334A

Look 4 - White Dress - Final - 6A - 9401A

Details close up(Photo credit Sean Griffin Photography)

Got a planned happy hour outing coming up? Not sure what to wear that will transition from day to play?  Here’s a look that I think works equally well in both settings without having to change a thing. A crisp, white, knee-length pencil dress keeps things professional while the addition of bold accents turns things up a couple of notches.

I love a high-waist belt to accentuate the smallest part of my torso. Of course I tossed the boring belt that came with the dress and opted for one my favorite colors instead. I matched the teal belt with some phenomenal teal ultra-high heels and I was ready to go.

Turtle neck 20v2

Turtle neck 18v2

Turtle neck 19v2

Turtle neck 21v2

I did a lengthy stint in New York a few years back and during my time in The Big City I was able to pick up on a few implicit fashion rules; principles that would generally be considered a given if you were to ask any “real New Yorker”.

Now, when it comes to sporting bright colors, I’m a Miami girl to the core, winter be damned. So I’ve never been too keen on wearing an abundance of dark colors. However, for me, dark turtlenecks have always had a certain je ne sais quoi.

For this NY-esque look, I ornamented my ensemble with some of my favorite gold accessories. Also note how the hem on the pants was also the perfect length for showing off the patent leather collar on my leather point toe shoes. All together a classic look that could easily be considered a standard in any 5th Avenue townhouse.