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white peplum blazer purple ankle pants IMGP5262
Photo credit: Sharaz Allahar

white peplum blazer purple ankle pants IMGP5260-3

white peplum blazer ankle pants tiffanys double stance

white peplum blazer ankle pants tiffanys double white peplum blazer purple ankle pants IMGP5300 white peplum blazer purple ankle pants seated

white peplum blazer purple ankle pants details

I got the idea to pair a pretty formal looking blazer with a less-formal ankle pant. I preferred this pairing to a skirt, which I thought might look a little too stuffy. I contrasted the white with the bold colored pants and accents of silver. I think it's an interesting cross between "I'm bold and fun" and "I'm serious about my business. A short tail in the back is reminiscent of an old formal tuxedo but this blazer is best suited for the risk-taking, business fashionista.





White cape blouse IMG_2530 crop edit_sml

White cape blouse IMG_2771 edit_sml

White cape blouse IMG_2546 crop 2edit_sml

White cape blouse IMG_2509 edit_sml

White cape blouse IMG_2821 edit_sml

White cape blouse IMG_2511.edit_sml

White cape blouse IMG_2557 crop edit_sml

White cape blouse IMG_2862 edit_sml

White cape blouse double_sml

There’s nothing like a cape to make you feel all kinds of fancy.  Among my recent acquisitions, this flowy little blouse is right at the top of my list of faves. It’s designed with a similar look to that of the Saint Laurent silk-georgette blouse but at a fraction of the cost.  It’s got a unique flair to it but still ever so classic. The only downside is that there aren’t any sudden gusts of wind traveling through my workplace to let me flaunt this magnificent top in all of its potential Gone With the Wind glory.

I paired the lovely top with a bright mustard yellow pencil skirt and accented with a gold front plate belt, which was a great compliment to my quilted handbag with gold metal center detail. Fanciful indeed.

plaid side by side tkt gtl v2







plaid details collage

So back in April I posted a Test Kitchen Tuesday ensemble that I arranged to show how to rock the plaid trend in sophisticated fashion.  While I didn’t re-create the look exactly, I definitely used the post as inspiration.

Instead of the white structured blazer, I opted for a long sleeve, cotton top with a black Peter Pan collar. I altered the top from its original box shape to a more tailored fit, which I thought would work better with the pencil skirt. The result was an outfit that I felt like a total rock star in. You know, the gainfully employed, corporate, rat-racing kind of rock star. Yeah that kind.