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Bobbi Brown Pretty Powerful Girl Rising Collage

You may or not be familiar with cosmetics mogul Bobbi Brown but in case you aren't, she is what happens when you mix makeup guru with business acumen and creativity. Brown who earned her B.F.A. in theatrical makeup became fascinated with makeup at an early age and would eventually make a career out of her life-long passion. She was already an accomplished makeup artist before she founded her own cosmetic line in 1991.  Four years after launching, Estée Lauder acquired the line, not only offering Brown cash but also creative control.

Today the Chief Creative Officer of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics continues to have great influence over the industry as well as other female entrepreneurs who aspire to the type of success that she has realized. I’m placing her in the girl power spotlight today because of her recent charity related power moves. Not only does her company have the Pretty Powerful initiative (cool name BTW), it has also recently partnered with the Girl Rising movement for a double dose of girl power.

The Pretty Powerful Campaign for Women & Girls partners with organizations that make education and learning accessible to women and girls on a global level. The organization supports programs that provide women and girls with the knowledge, skills and experience to overcome the social inequalities and disadvantages that they face.

Girl Rising seeks to empower girls by providing them the educational resources they might not otherwise have access to. The organization works toward the goal of breaking the harmful cycles of illiteracy and poverty while educating girls globally.

This is the perfect partnership for Bobbi. She and her brand have been long time believers of female empowerment. Already having partnered with organizations like Dress For Success, Bobbi felt like it was time to start placing the focus on educating girls. I’m totally for it. Seriously, I'm all in. Let’s start our girls early and give them the guidance and education they need to go on to accomplish great things in life.

For more information on the Bobbi Brown and Girl Rising partnership and how you can get involved, visit prettypowerful.bobbibrowncosmetics.com

Thank you for reading. Now… "Let the power moves continue."