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chic animal print theme outfit inspriation

If you’re not afraid to be a little bold, you can definitely have a little fun with animal patterns. There’s so much you can do with these fun patterns without making the unfortunate mistake of looking like a Jersey Shore reject. I paired snakeskin and what looks to be some sort of cheetah print with an eye catching two tone bag. The result is fun, chic fashion that’s a little bit on the wild side without going completely into the jungle.

Looks 2 - Leopard Top - Final --9A

Looks 2 - Leopard Top - Final --4A

Looks 2 - Leopard Top - Final --8A

look 2 3-in1

Looks 2 - Leopard Top - Final --3

Look2 collage(Photo credit Sean Griffin Photography)

If you work in Corporate America or if working in Corporate America is a goal of yours, it's time to embrace the idea of working in a corporate jungle. I put this look together as a tribute to my current place in the jungle.

I love the idea of combining a leopard print with a bold solid color. I think a vivid shade of green or purple would have worked just as well. I accessorized with some gold pieces and a black and gold quilted bag that mimics the style of the Prada Lux Saffiano Pyramid bag.

My wildlife-influenced attire is a fashionable embodiment of my day-to-day role in this corporate jungle. Complete with king (CEO), packs (cliques and teams) and predators (self-explanatory), this jungle at times, is certainly survival of the fittest but I manage to have fun with it. Look good - feel good. Feel good - do good.