Staying positive at work

staying positive at work woman meditating at work

Even if you love your job and it's the best job in the world, there are probably some days where you want to hurl a stapler, sharp metal object, or whatever your projectile of choice is at someone. Maybe it's not one person in particular that's killing your mood; maybe it's a particular situation. Perhaps it’s a sudden increase of workload, juggling of deadlines, change in policy, red tape or whatever it maybe.  For me there are a couple of things that have me letting out the deep sighs several times a day but I’ll spare you the particulars.  What I wanted to discuss was how to keep stress and negativity from becoming the spirit killers that they can be.

With a looming cloud of negativity positioned over my head, I decided to find a couple of ways to help me remain positive while I ride out this wave of stress.  Being the research junkie that I am, I did some research and a little bit of thinking and this is what I came up with:


(1.) Smile.

Sounds simple doesn’t it? Well it is. Here’s where you play a little trickery on your mind. You’ve heard the saying "Fake it ‘til you make it".  Well now’s the time to fake that smile ‘til that smile makes you feel better. When you’re pissed off, stressed out and your blood pressure is on the rise remember this:  Smiling releases endorphins and serotonin. Endorphins trigger a positive feeling in the body, similar to that of morphine and Serotonin is responsible for maintaining mood balance.  Smiling also produces a measurable reduction in blood pressure.  While you don’t have to go around smiling like an idiot all day, making a concerted effort to smile a little bit more, may serve you well.

(2.) Find something to laugh at.

Along the same lines as smiling, laughter can be one of your best weapons in this war of negativity. Search out things that you know will give you a good laugh. Have a conversation with someone you know who usually amuses you. Stream some audio from one of your favorite standup comedians. Look for something entertaining on YouTube. Whatever it is, make sure you’re able to have a good hearty laugh to counter act some of the day’s stresses.

(3.) Say “F it”.

Whoa. Did I just say that? I totally just did. Don’t take me too literally though. It’s just that sometimes in certain situations you just have to learn when to accept defeat. You can only do what you can do. There's no point in stressing or putting out negative energy that comes with complaints or negative comments over a situation you don't have the power to control. If you’ve gone through all of your options, if there’s nothing you can do about it, just leave it alone. Stop stressing it.  Which leads me to my next tactic.

(4.) Ask Jesus to fix it.

staying positive at work woman praying at work

Yes, I know I just told you to cuss. Don’t judge me.  I’ll talk to God about that later. Anyway, we've all seen the memes that pop up when you enter #fixitJesus on any social media network. (Side note: if you haven't done this please go to Instagram now and type it in. You won't be disappointed. ) All jokes aside, if you're actually a religious or spiritual person it might be beneficial for you to take a five or ten minute breather every day to just fall back and reconnect and try and gain some strength and perspective about what's important by reconnecting with your higher power. I’m Christian so sometimes I find that releasing my problems to God and letting it be makes all the difference.

(5.) Stop trying to Solve for Y.

Z + X = Y Many times we find ourselves in conundrums and our focus zero’s in on trying to figure out why. Not why we’re in the situation but why we can’t get out of the situation. Stop focusing on the excuses that create the reason why you can't, and start focusing on how you will.  The why’s are just excuses disguised as reasoning.

(6.) Build a home away from home.

We spend so many hours at work that our place of business is literally like a second home.  There is a certain amount of comfort and warmth we get when we finally walk through the doors of our homes at the end of a long day or a long trip. Why not take some time to furnish your workspace with some of the comforts of home. Of course we learned from Nice Girls Still Don’t Get the Corner Office not to go over board and over decorate our work spaces but adding a few key comfort pieces may be just what you need to give you the warm and fuzzies while at work.

(7.) Be your own biggest cheerleader

cheer yourself on Cheerleader in the office

Take the time to reward yourself for your accomplishments. You don’t have to wait for someone else to recognize you for a job well done.  If you rock and you know you rock, reward yourself.  Even if the reward is small, it will help to brighten up your mood. Have that $5.00 late you’ve been craving, add a pair of dangly earrings to your costume jewelry collection. Or better yet place something on your desk that will serve as a reminder of how awesome you are.

(8.) Watch what you say

There is power in your words. Speaking certain words gives those words power.  Say something often enough and you’ll soon begin to believe it. Saying negative things breeds feelings of negativity. Stop saying things like "I can't stand this job.” “I hate my job”. If you’re truly over it, instead try replacing those words with more positive ones like "I'm ready for the next opportunity.” and back that statement up with actions and actually start looking for the next opportunity.  However, if your disdain for your work is temporary, reassure yourself that “this is only temporary” and you “can and will make it through.”


That’s all folks. I hope you can use some of these tactics to help you make it through those stressful days.


Thanks for reading.  Now… “Let the power moves continue.”

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