Mood: Hungry.

Success hungry tiger web

Hungry. The picture and the word say it all, really. Like a tiger, I feel like I’m on a constant mission for food. Only my sustenance is success. I’m determined but there are always tons of obstacles. I start stalking a group of yummy looking opportunities. I hang low, identify my prey and follow closely. I see the distance between myself and the opportunity gradually narrow and I lie in wait for the precise moment to pounce.

I take off running and this little sucker decides to sprint off.  It zags to left and I zag to the left. It makes a hard right and I make a hard right. I stay with it for as long as I possibly can but today’s just not my day and I’m unable to catch it. Some days this totally messes with my sprit but even with a momentary feeling of defeat, I can’t get the thrill of the chase out of my mind and most importantly I’m still hungry. My constant quest for food is what fuels me daily and until I can catch my prey, there’s no lying on my back and basking in the sun with my friends. I have to get ready for the next chase.  Funny thing is even when the big catch is made, the satisfaction is temporary. Soon enough, there’ll be a different chase. Why? Because I'm always hungry... just sooo hungry.

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