Jumpsuit Up for Work

Look 3 - Floral Jumper- Final - Web Quality - 9 - 9130


Look 3 - Floral Jumper- Final - Web Quality - 6 - 9111


Look 3 sitting double


Look 3 - Floral Jumper- Final - Web Quality - 4 - 9110


Look 3 tude double2

Look 3 closeups(Photo credit Sean Griffin Photography)


If you're not into pantsuits but are partial to wearing pants to the office, the jumper is a great alternative. It's the perfect way to get a uniform look without conjuring up cringe worthy images of Hillary Clinton in her stuffy androgynous looks.

I scored this cute little jumpsuit while attending an event called Shecky's Ladies Night Out last year. At the event, local vendors set up shop and sell pieces from their boutiques and stores while attendees shop and try out samples of various things. This particular jumper caught my eye and after leaving it behind decided that I had to go back for it and I’m glad I did. It’s definitely a lively piece that can easily transition from fun to a more serious look with the simple addition of a blazer.

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