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Photo Credit: Grace Jayde

We haven’t discussed workplace décor in a while so I thought I’d create a short series for you all based on some ideas I’ve been shooting around. Why a high-fashion office? Well, whether you work in fashion or simply have a great appreciation for it, introducing a couple of fashionable elements to your space can really help give it a completely new feel.

designer logo pillows couch setting

Let’s Talk Pillows

So, I've been thinking about some possible designs for my own home office and have been toying with a couple of style themes that would certainly keep things interesting in what can easily be a rather boring space. I mean this is where you work, pay bills, and very likely do a fair amount of stressing. While your office might not be your favorite place to be, who's to say that it can't be a comforting retreat where you're surrounded by all sorts of wonderful pieces that are a reflection of your personality?

Pillows are awesome! They're soft, comfy and welcoming. On top of that, they can also be pretty damn chic. If you're thinking about ways to glam up you're office space, a couple of smartly placed, designer-inspired, throw pillows just might do the trick. A couple of pillows on a desk chair, guest chair, or couch can instantly up the chic factor. Add a couple of designer logos to the mix and we’re talking off the charts. I would just advise this: Don’t go crazy with the pillows. Every inch of the room need not be covered in massive logos. Also try to stick with a color scheme, using no more than two main colors and two accent colors in the room.

If you’re ready to throw some pillows around now, I’ve included a few finds from some sellers on Esty. For you crafty types, here’s a great DIY tutorial from YouTube.

chanel no 5 Chanel No 5 pillow

standards pillow High Standards Coco Chanel quote pillow.

classy fab pillowClassy and Fabulous Coco Chanel quote pillow

white black louboutin pillow Black Classic Christian Louboutin pump pillow

neutral louboutin pillowCream Christain Louboutin Logo pillow

Red louboutin pillowRed Christain Louboutin Logo pillow

Khloe Kardashian's old Home Office home with Lamar Odom 2
Kardashian home office pre Odom split


So I’ll admit I have indulged in a couple of episodes of Keeping up with the Kardashians on occasion (Don’t judge me).  Khloe generally amuses me, as she always seemed the most perplexed by sister Kim’s ridiculous rise to fame as well as disgusted by her delusions of grandeur. Khole was our inside man. Saying the things the general public were saying and wondering but from inside the Kardashian household.

One thing I noticed… wait a minute. I sense judgment. Now you can’t really appreciate where I’m going with this if you’re judging are you? Now stay with me. Okay, so one thing I noticed is that I really enjoyed their style. I’m not talking clothing. I’m talking interior design.  A girly girl like me can definitely appreciate the Kardashian's love of all things glam.  As to be expected Kris Jenner is all about the glam and so is daughter Kim Kardashian. Kortney is a bit more partial to the warm family feel but her home décor choices are still very chic. The surprise is Khloe, the down-to-earth Kardashian. I wouldn’t have expected for her design choices to be quite so elegant.

When I first got a glimpse of her home with Lamar Odom I fell head over heels over the grand entrance and stair case. The second thing to capture my heart was Khloe’s fabulous home office space. A large mirrored desk sat in the center of the room with other mirrored elements like a small coffee table and bookshelf with mirrored backing. A clear and black chandelier provides sparkle right above the desk and provides a great ambience with the light bouncing off the mirrors perfectly.

Khloe's Kardashian's current home office
Kardashian home office post Odom split

Since her split from Lamar Odom, Khloe’s moved into her new pad and moved her office décor right along with her. The room pretty much has the same feel but I actually prefer the original version. Although I do love the tray ceilings in version two, the first room seemed to have much more natural light and I prefer the darker color on the walls.

For the fans of Khole’s glam office (admittedly or not), I’ve compiled some sweet finds to help you re-create the look.

Khole Kardashian Home office collage

Khole Kardashian Home office collage

  1. Sophie Mirrored Table - ZGallerie view item
  2. Linon Carnegie Black Cevron Arm Chair – Khols  view item
  3. Mirrored Pictured Frame Set – Macy's view item
  4. Rogaska Fashionably Late Vase – Crystal Classics view item
  5. Squeeze Large Black Crystal Vase – view item
  6. Crystal Charleston Clear and Black Chandelier – Lamps Beautiful view item
  7. ORE Furniture Glass Floor Lamp - Wayfair view item

French Expressions Paris themed home office design and decor

I love the idea of a Paris inspired home office design. On any given day I could totally see myself gallivanting through Paris, France, taking in the sights and partaking in some glorious shopping; Designer bags in one hand and a croissant in the other.

For those of us who can't afford to live a life like the one I described above, there's always the idea of surrounding yourself with design inspired by the land of romance and transporting your self there mentally.

Here are a couple of great finds for transforming your home office into a whimsical Parisian playground.

(1.) Casper Dining Armchair - -   view item

(2.) Black Eiffel Tower 2-Piece Bookend Set - -  view item

(3.) Bush, Farrago Collection  Black Desk - -  view item

(4.) Room Essentials, Black and White 3-Ring Binder - -   view item

(5.) From Paris With Love stationary - -  view item

(6.) Missoni, Bayadere Black And White Striped Vase - john paul & co - view item

(7. ) Trademark Art, Yale Gurney "Paris Eiffel Tower"  Canvas Art - -   view item

(8.) Parisian Table Lamp - - $55.95 - view item

Anna Wintours Office at Vouge from 73 Questions with Anna Wintour

Vogue® has a running video series entitled 73 questions where it captures in a single shot, a rapid-fire question interview of notable personalities. Past subjects have included Sarah Jessica Parker,  Olivia Munn, Blake Lively,  Daniel Radcliffe, Reese Witherspoon, and today’s blog Subject Anna Wintour. I decided to check out Anna’s video to learn a little more about her but what I found surprisingly interesting was the inside of her office.

It’s not particularly beautiful and is sort of a hodgepodge of different styles and pieces. Not what I expected from a BOSS of her caliber but interesting nonetheless.  Apparently, when it comes to décor, Anna is more of a shabby-chic than all out chic. I’m not a fan of shabby-chic but just in case any of readers are, this might be something you get some inspiration from.

Anna Wintour vs Miranda Priestly's office

Anna used to have a mirror hanging on a wall next to her desk but I think she might have changed things up a little since the movie Devil Wears Prada mimicked her style almost perfectly. I liked the mirror so you can find a similar one along with other items  similar to the ones found in her office below.

Anna Wintour's office Vouge mock up get the look


Anna Wintour Tolix Marais A Chair designed by Xavier Pauchard

Anna’a Desk Chair

It's well known that Anna loves this simple desk chair. It’s a Tolix® Marais A Chair designed by Xavier Pauchard that retails for about $265. Find it here

Agatha+Ceramic+Vase thumb

Art Deco Vases

Anna’s favorite thing in her office, the Clarice Cliff rare Art Deco Vase collection. Vases retail for about $23,700. I'm guessing that might hurt the pockets a bit  so get a similar look here

Blue console table thumb

Blue console table

I’m not sure what her blue console table ran her but you can use this Aiden Console Distressed Pale Blue/ White Table to get a similar look for a reasonable $209.99. Find it here

Roma White Accent Chair Lowes thumb

Accent Chair

Any sophisticated room needs a refined white accent chair.  This Roma White accent chair from Lowes fits the bill at $315. Find it here

picture wall thumb

Photo Wall

Anna apparently love’s photos. Re-create her wall of memories with an assorted group of picture frames - Gallery perfect 7-piece frame set from Bed Bath & Beyond is a steal at 49.99. Buy it here

Gold Octagon Mirror thumb

Octagon Mirror

Get a mirror that rivals Anna’s. This gold and black finish octagon Mirror is regularly priced at $399 but is now on sale for $249 (at time of post ). Get the deal here

Black desk thumb


The desk, like her chair is simple but sleek. Get the style with this $977 Jet Console Desk. Find it here

All gold collage and design final-sml

Just because you conduct serious business in your office doesn’t mean you should subject yourself to conventional, humdrum décor day in and day out. If you’re the kind of girl who likes to get fancy from time to time, you’ll probably enjoy the idea of spending your day in an office adorned in brilliant hues of gold.

Typically, when I think of gold, I immediately get visuals of obnoxious Vegas décor, Elvis and Liberace. However, if you execute this correctly, you’ll get all of the glitz and glamor without the gaudy. I compiled a couple of items here to get you started.

  1. Meelano White and gold office chair  - view item
  2. Kate Spade Stapler & Tape Dispenser: Staplerview item ,  Tape Dispenserview item
  3. Gold Bar Paper Weightview item
  4. Gold Push Pins, Paper Clips and Binder Clips: Push Pins - view itemPaper Clips - view itemBinder Clips - view item
  5. Gold Bubble Pen Setview item
  6. Threshold Gold Foiled Lamp Baseview item
  7. Gold Crystal Fountain Penview item
  8. Nate Berkus Shearsview item



Kimora mock office option2

So I was inspired by this photo of Kimora Lee Simmons standing in what is presumably her office at JustFab headquarters in California where she serves as the fashion e-tailer’s president and Creative Director.  I created this mock up with pieces I might put together if I were to mimic this look in real life.

black glass top table

This desk (read: kitchen table) is a sexy piece, fit for a fashionista-queen. No drawers or filing but what it lacks in functionality it makes up for in undeniable style. view item 

dotted line


Mobility plus style make this traditional style chair perfect for day-to-day tasks. Although, I do cringe at the thought of my morning tea (I don't do coffee) falling on the pretty white cushions. view item

dotted line

Black white bookcase

How about this book case huh? That black interior is the perfect backdrop for a couple of picture frames and dainty little accent pieces.  Oh yeah, and a few books. view item

dotted line

Chandelier 2

What says "I work in style" better than  a chandelier strung over you as you complete official business?  Too fab! view item

dotted line

Cinderella shoe quote

Throw it on the wall and see what sticks. Use decals as decor to motivate, inspire or simply give you the warm and fuzzies on a daily basis. view item

dotted line

Who says your workplace has to be drab and stuffy? We spend so much of our lives at work that it only makes sense that our workspaces be a reflection of our personalities. The spaces we work in should be inviting, inspiring and comfortable.  After all, this is ground zero for all your future power moves.

Not sure how to decorate your space? Loosen up your collar, let down the hair a little and really make the space your own. Incorporate visual cues that speak towards your unique personality and style.