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Black cardigan and blue tie for a woman IMG_5876edit_sml Black cardigan and blue tie for a woman IMG_5904edit_sml Black cardigan and blue tie for a woman IMG_6033edit_sml Black cardigan and blue tie for a woman IMG_5867edit_sml_ Black cardigan and blue tie for a woman IMG_5892edit_sml Black cardigan and blue tie for a woman IMG_6004edit_sml Black cardigan and blue tie for a woman IMG_6014edit_sml


Sometimes you just feel like wearing a tie. Why the hell not? I have never been one to let gender dictate what type of garments or accessories I wear. It would be foolish to let social norms restrict me from some of the fabulous bow ties and suspenders I manage to find.

Blue is my absolute favorite color so when I found this snazzy blue tie, I couldn't resist. The outfit overall is perfect for chilly SoFlo days like today. A black cardigan is worn over a white button down shirt with black trim detail around the collar and is cinched at the waist by a thin waist belt. Funky textured pantyhose round out the menswear-inspired winterish look.

  • Shirt: ASOS, White Button Down with Black trim
  • Cardigan: Merona (Target), Black Cotton Cardigan
  • Tie: Perry Ellis, Blue Paisley Tie
  • Skirt: Zara, Black Pencil Skirt
  • Tights: H&M, Patterned tights
  • Shoes: Nine West, Nubuck Peep Toe Heels


chic animal print theme outfit inspriation

If you’re not afraid to be a little bold, you can definitely have a little fun with animal patterns. There’s so much you can do with these fun patterns without making the unfortunate mistake of looking like a Jersey Shore reject. I paired snakeskin and what looks to be some sort of cheetah print with an eye catching two tone bag. The result is fun, chic fashion that’s a little bit on the wild side without going completely into the jungle.

Bad Ass Business black and white work look with purple

Some times you just feel a little badass. For instances like those, you need a look that reflects that mood. I don’t do dark colors to often but when I’m feeling especially fierce, a look like this is right up my ally.  I would probably add in a touch of purple for just a bit color but nothing too attention grabing. How could you not be ready to kick ass and take names in an ensemble like this?

Fall for Pastels collage

I thought I’d create something for fall that says “I love fall fashion but I also love spring colors.” This poncho gives me the warm and fuzzies. Paired with touches of black, this outfit is totally having a fall/spring identity crisis and I love it.

 rust orange tank top ruched skirt IMG_edit_5617sml rust orange tank top ruched skirt IMG_edit_5508sml rust orange tank top ruched skirt IMG_edit_5408sml rust orange tank top ruched skirt IMG_edit_5383sml rust orange tank top ruched skirt IMG_edit_5356sml rust orange tank top ruched skirt IMG_edit_5346sml rust orange tank top ruched skirt double collage rust orange tank top ruched skirt collage4

I decided to play with a fall color palette for this look. I'm not the biggest fan of orange but there are a couple of shades of orange that really speak to me. You guys can probably guess that I love coral but rustic oranges have always held a special place in my heart. Give me a shade of burnt sienna or burnt umber and be still my heart. My skirt and tank combo pull from some of your typical harvest colors. Yummm… makes me think of pumpkin pie. I could totally wear this to my office Thanksgiving party or my cousins Thanksgiving dinner. It's a classic type of pairing that's versatile enough to work in a number of settings.

Let's talk details. The skirt features this great ruching that is oh so flattering to the figure. That, along with the somewhat busy pattern is enough to hide some tummy sins. My top has a cute little zipper  in the back towards the nape of the neck. I decided to compliment this with a pump that features a sexy zipper detail on the back of the heel (Sort of like the Tom Ford heel but several hundred dollars less). And that., ladies and gentlemen is how you do Rustic-fierce. Find the details on how to re-create the look below:

The Scandal Collection at The Limited Kerry Washington

Oh Em Geee ladies. The Scandal Collection from The Limited is finally here. I cannot tell you how excited I am. One word: Beyond. Ladies, you too can now don the white cape along with several other fashionable pieces that you can use to turn your business professional wardrobe up a notch. If you love Olivia Pope’s fashion sense on the show, you’ll no doubt love what Kerry Washington and The Limited have cooked up. The Limited partnered up with Kerry and Scandal costume designer, Lyn Paolo (who is a genius with the work she does with the wardrobe for the show) to bring you powerful but pretty looks inspired by Kerry Washington’s no-nonsense character Olivia Pope

I felt like a giddy schoolgirl thumbing through the selections. As you can imagine, the collection is filled with fabulous coats and sharp pants because as we all know very well Olivia wears the pants, figuratively and literally.  What about skirts and dresses? It’s handled. Though Olivia Pope rarely wears dresses aside from during flash backs or ball gowns to formal events, there are a couple of chic dresses and skirts in the 42 piece collection.

I’m loving the interchangeability of it all. Mix and match the pieces and the options are seemingly endless. In fact, my only problem with the line is that it’s filled with fabulous coats and cold weather options that I can’t get much use out of here in South Florida.  Noooo (sheds single tear).  There’s a white coat inspired by the Burberry Prorsum Double Duchess caped trench coat that Kerry wore in the season 3 opener that I absolutely love.  In fact, I wore a white caped blouse with a similar aesthetic in one of my previous posts.

scandal inspired burberry the limited white cape coat

scandal inspired Ferragamo the limited cream wool coat

Let’s hope they keep this thing going. The Limited has announced that there are 40 more pieces coming for the Scandal Holiday collection so one can hope the collection extends beyond that.  I live to see Olivia in caped coats and leather opera gloves as much as the next Gladiator but I’m oh so curious to see what Olivia Pope would wear in the summer.

Prices for the smart but beautiful collection range from approximately $49 to $298. All Gladiators can purchase pieces from the collection here

So Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week is over and because of an insanely busy week, I’m a little late on my recap but better late than never right? I just wanted to take a few minutes to share a few of the collections that really caught my eye along with highlights of neon green/yellow, the color that will apparently be the color of the Spring/Summer season this coming year.

Alexander Wang NYFW Spring Summer 2015 looks

Alexander Wang

High-waist pants made their presence known in the Alexander Wang collection. Perfect for a big city girl, there was lots of black yet all of that black was pleasantly offset by the use of plenty of bold color.  Daring hues of lime green and cobalt blue were not only hard to miss but also hard to not fall in love with.

 J. Mendel NYFW Spring Sumer 2015 looks

J. Mendel

J. Mendel was all about the flowy sheer fabrics. His collection provided a mix of whimsical, high fashion, and plain ol’ pretty.  There was quite a bit of neon green and white floating down the runway. I’m all on board. The looks were absolutely picture perfect for spring.


DVF  Diane Von Furstenberg NYFW Spring Summer 2015 looks

Diane Von Furstenberg

This latest collection from Diane Von Furstenburg was filled with plenty of  delicate grays but like classic DVF, the collection was also replete with bold colors and florals. Oh, and honey the silhouettes...  She gets me. She really, really gets me. Diane knows how to treat a lady.  The Spring/Summer line gracefully accentuated the models lovely lady parts while several pieces made the statement that the crop top still in full effect.  I loved the playful shorts and skirts but the sweet, sugary icing on the cake was a yellow, almost lime green dress that almost made my heart skip a beat.


Badgley Mischka NYFW Spring Summer 2015 looks

Badgley Mischka

Ohhhh Ma gosh, Badgley Mischka's runway looks absolutely stole my heart.  This collection was my absolute favorite. I love when fashion embraces a woman’s femininity and fashion house Badgley Mischka has always been on the same page. The collection dazzled in wonderful elegance. I couldn't help but be drawn in as chic look after chic look strutted it’s way down the runway. Some of the dresses featured a tiered, tulle element, which I can’t say I was too fond of but overall, I would probably wear about 80% of the looks if given the opportunity. Hey Badgley… uhh call me.

White pants red shoes and bag DSC_0041edit
                               (Photo credit: AM16 Photography)

In one of my posts last week I discussed wearing white after Labor Day and all of the ridiculous stigma that can come with a fashion choice of this magnitude. I stood up for the right to wear white year-round without judgment so it’s only fitting that I risk perceived “fashion fail” and hit you with this little gem today.

White pants red shoes and bag DSC_0037edit

White pants red shoes and bag clock

White pants red shoes and bag DSC_0027edit White pants red shoes and bag DSC_0033edit

As you can clearly see I’m wearing white…after Labor Day but what I love about this look are the added sprinkles of red and gold. For me, the white and red ensemble subtly conjures up nostalgia of fashion of the late 50’s. I love the fashions from that era and have a feeling my polka dots and pedal pushers would have fit right in.

White pants red shoes and bag double White pants red shoes and bag DSC_0113edit White pants red shoes and bag tripple

Fun fact: I wasn’t feeling the accessories I was initially wearing and decided to try and find something else before we shot these images. Disappointed, my only option at the time was a nearby Payless. Imagine my surprise when I found the perfect set (go figure).  There are hidden gems everywhere folks! The necklace and bracelet set are sort of the poor man’s take on vintage Chanel charm jewelry but hey, I am the poor man so it works.

Collections from left to right: BCBGMAXAZRIA, Tome, Desigual, Marissa Webb
Collections from left to right: BCBGMAXAZRIA, Tome, Desigual, Marissa Webb

New York Fashion Week  is underway featuring spring and sumer collections for next year and I’m having fun trolling the Internet to see what’s going on in The Big Apple. The official first day of shows has come and gone and I’m starting to see an emerging trend of soft color palettes. I certainly love bold colors but some of these soft looks are perfection.

BCBGMAXARIA showed off some looks constructed in a lovely silk Bohemain style and I totally fell in love with the Kimono belts they used to tie the collection pieces together. Desiguel is known for its fun and busy patterns. Yesterday wasn’t much different. It was all about the florals  and oddly enough I found myself really liking a couple of the flash-back-to-the-70’s pieces. Go figure.

I can’t wait to see how the rest of the weeks festivities turn out. I’m looking forward to seeing what Prabal Gurung, Victoria Becham and Zac Posen have in store. I’ll keep you posted. Thanks for reading.

To watch live streams from the weeks events visit

white crocs white shoes labor day

I once got into a passionate discussion with some of my closest friends on the subject of wearing white after Labor Day and the particular pet peeve of wearing white shoes in general. So this post is dedicated to some of my closest friends, The Crew.

I can think of no person on this planet that hates, I mean absolutely loathes white shoes more than my good friend Horasetta. There’s no question in my mind that when Horasetta hears someone mention white shoes, the below image is what immediately comes to mind.

Martin Jerome white shoes

If you’re a child of the 90’s, you’re familiar with the show Martin and one of the shows popular characters, Jerome.  In the unlikely event that you’re not, let me give you the run down. Jerome, a character played by Martin Lawrence, was the self-proclaimed “Playa from the Himalayas” and the absolute epitome of all that is tacky.  From ill-fitting track suits to pastel, leather coordinates worn with clashing cowboy boots, it’s safe to say if Jerome was wearing it, you should have to good sense not to…but guess what! Jerome and I have something in common. We love our white shoes. I mean look at ‘em. Look at the white shoes. Look at my white shoes.

Martin look at the white shoes labor day

My friend Bo say’s the only time she’s ever worn or will ever wear white shoes was on her wedding day. Say it ain’t so Bo. I’m not sure why white shoes continue to get the bad rap.  I think the right shoe can be ever so chic.  Really, who’s to blame for the notion that a color can look good on one body part but not another?  I can wear a white blouse – Gorgeous. I can carry a white purse – Cool. Rock a white bracelet – Cute. White headband, white scarf? What’s that? All of that’s okay? Wait a minute but… gasp and clutch pearls if you dare to wear white pants or God forbid, white shoes. So… I’m confused.  Maybe you can help clarify this for me by completing this sentence. White shoes are tacky because _____.

While you’re working on that, what about this rule about not wearing white after Labor Day? Not one fashionista can tell you who started it or exactly why. All we know is that it’s a rule we follow. Well, not me but certainly many. First off, rules are made to be broken. Your style should be just that, your style. My style is light, bright, feminine and chic. I love bold colors and lively looks. This is probably why I just didn’t fit in fashion-wise in New York.  Who’s going to tell me not to wear cobalt blue because it’s August? Not a damn soul that’s who.

The Crew sent me this link because I’d never seen this movie. LOL I can’t stand them for this. I agree with the lawyer and the poor lady getting the snot pummeled out of her with the phone. 1. Beverly Sutphin is insane (don't take fashion advice from cuckoo birds. 2. Fashion has changed.

Some of my fashion faves breaking the rules in white shoes Serial Mom be damned.  (Jessica Alba, Victoria Becham, Miranda Kerr, Solange Knowles, Karolina Kurkova and the incomparable Sarah Jessica Parker)
Some of my fashion faves breaking the rules in white shoes, Serial Mom be damned. (Jessica Alba, Victoria Beckham, Miranda Kerr, Solange Knowles, Karolina Kurkova and the incomparable Sarah Jessica Parker)

I get it. White tends to give off a look of leisure. Wearing white is a great way to help stay cool in the summer.  Resort collections make heavy use of the white linen look and Buffy Von-Something is always wearing her finest white culottes at the country club so then the formula in our heads becomes White = Summer.  Got ‘cha but here’s the thing.  I look good in white (flips hair).  I wear white year-round and couldn’t give two farts whose nose it wrinkles.

Angelina Jolie, Nicole Richie, Jennifer Lopez, and Kerry Washington look stunning in all white.
Angelina Jolie, Nicole Richie, Jennifer Lopez, and Kerry Washington all look stunning in all white.

Though even I’ll admit white linens may be a stretch in the dead of winter in metropolises like New York or DC but I live in Miami. If the lady walking in front of me is wearing bedazzled booty shorts in January, I can wear my white jeans and if I should so happen to want to pair said white jeans with some white shoes (Horasetta cover your eyes girl), that’s what I’m going to do.

If you love your white and your bright colors like I do but are worried about “the rule”, I say ask yourself the following: Is it designed well? Does it fit you well? Do you look good in it? Do you feel good in it? Yes? Well, wear that s%&* like Jerome, the Mayor of Debonair would, with confidence.

“Ou ou, I say ou ou ou, I say Jerome’s in house. I say Jerome’s in the ha-ou ha-ou, watch ya mouth.”