Allow me to introduce myself: Jackie Daniel (you can call me J), dream chaser, 5-inch heel wearer, creative thinker and mega-mogul in the making. In today's real world though, I'm a marketer currently working as a corporate copywriter until I can catch up to and grab ahold of the aforementioned, elusive dream.

By and large, I'm a woman of few words, unless of course I'm writing. In which case, I tend to ramble on in an effort to paint a picture for my reader.  It really isn't the same if you can't see things exactly as I see them is it? I've always been the quiet type but somewhere along the line I realized, it’s not that I don't have a lot to say, it's just that my thoughts are clearest (not to mention more entertaining) when they are written down.

As a child I had many career aspirations. Fashion Designer was just one of my dream jobs. I could often be found sewing outfits by hand for Barbie and friends. Later on I developed a random interest in becoming a businesswoman. I think the 80's hit TV series, "Who's the Boss?" had a lot to do with that one. It was pretty damn cool that the lead female character, Angela Bower held this position as a high-powered ad exec. She was a woman but she was clearly in charge. I wanted to be a boss like Angela. I wanted to put on a serious looking pantsuit and go off and be powerful. Despite my debilitating shyness, I saw a future where I would command the attention of any room I walked in and everyone present would know that I was the boss.

Now, realistically, I'm an admitted introvert, a bit of a loner creative type who to date, is still quite shy so this whole commanding the attention of the room thing is a bit of a struggle in a business world dominated by extroverts.  Nevertheless, what I'm learning to do is to use what I have to get what I want. I may not ever be the loudest or most verbose person in the room but I can speak just as loudly or say just as much as the most outgoing extrovert in other ways. Whether it's my knack for problem solving, creativity, noteworthy fashion sense or something else, I think you'll eventually get the picture I'm painting.

So what's with the blog? Well, lets just say I've been nudged by a few friends and inspired by a couple fashion blogs. I’ve noticed that my ensembles are quite often magnets for compliments or the occasional "that's different" comment and accompanying raised eyebrow (hey they all can't be winners).  I often get questions about where I shop or how I thought to combine certain pieces, so starting a blog seemed to make perfect sense. However, I thought it was important that I spotlight more than just fashion.

I want you to tag along with me on my personal career journey. Maybe I’ll inspire you. Maybe you’ll inspire me. Honestly, there've been a couple of hiccups down my career path. I'm affectionately known as the Start-Up Kid among my college buddies because of my regular announcements of new ventures. What's great is my buddies still have faith in me but more importantly, I still have faith in myself. Yes, I've failed, but each time I've failed I've learned from that failure.  I'm going to be "The Boss", come hell or high water and I thought you might want to follow me on the trek. I may not be exactly sure what I'll be the boss of, but I assure you I will get there and I will get there while wearing fabulously stylish pumps.  Now, lets make moves ladies. Thanks for following.



J. Daniel