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Jackie Daniel Salvation Army Redesign Bash IMG_9805

You'll have to forgive me. This post is really late but life is chaotic right about now (I'm getting things back on track. Just bear with me). Now, if you don't ready know, I'm a big fan of home design and if I happen to have any free time, something you're very likely to catch me doing is taking in some good ol' HGTV. From the shows about fixer uppers to finding new property to beach homes or finding homes out of the country, I just can't get enough. So, without question when fellow blogger Whitney Kidd, of Stiletto Life & Lipstick Rules asked me to join her for a special design-theme, charity event put together by The Salvation Army, I happily and eagerly accepted.

Jackie Daniel Carter Oosterhouse Salvation Army ReDesign Bash IMG_6994
Me with rehab guru, Carter Oosterhouse.


FYI Network’s very own Carter Oosterhouse  (previously of HGTV) hosted the event. Proceeds were to benefit Salvation Army programs, which aim to help homeless people turn their lives round. The event was billed as an evening of fun, food, and inspired design, and it surely did not disappoint. Twenty-five “ReDesigners”, which included both professional and newbie designers, were tasked with rehabbing an old piece of furniture. But a simple rehab just wouldn't do. The volunteer participants literally transformed these pieces, in many cases making the final product was almost unrecognizable from the piece in its original form.

Salvation Army ReDesign Bash IMG_9777 Carter Oosterhouse Salvation Army ReDesign Bash IMG_9817 Salvation Army ReDesign Bash IMG_9821

My favorite piece, a luxury dog bed crafted from an old end table. Christine Griffin Smith flipped this table on its head and added some amazingly intricate detailing. Even the underside of the canopy bed was upholstered and fitted with whimsical lighting. It was remarkable to say the least.

Dog Bed Salvation Army ReDesign Bash IMG_9789


The top redesigned pieces were pieces were selected for the auction. Even Carter submitted a piece to the auction, a handcrafted wood box that housed two bottles of wine from his personal winery. It was a great event with a great turnout for a great cause. To learn more about the Salvation Army’s Florida Division, visit their site here:


Diner_en_Blanc_2015_29 Richard Graulich
Photo Credit: Richard Graulich c/o Palm Beach Post

If you’re a lover of fancy picnics and or white parties, you may already be familiar with the Dîner en Blanc events. If not, here’s a brief run down. The concept was born in Paris in 1988 when François Pasquier had the idea to assemble a small group of friends for a picnic. The general idea: “Bring a meal, and bring a new friend”.  The friends all convened at the Bois de Boulogne dressed in white so they could easily find each other.  What started as a small get-together continued to grow over the years and now brings in over 15,000 participants in Paris.

The concept has been so successful that it has spread to various countries and cities around the world including Johannesburg, Montréal, Singapore, New York, Haiti, Jamaica and so many more. I first heard about Dîner en Blanc a few years ago after viewing pictures from Dîner en Blanc - Haiti. Just from looking at photos I could tell that this was an extraordinary event so when fellow Haitian-American blogger, Wanda of L’union Suite  made the announcement that a West Palm Beach edition was coming in November, I immediately wanted to be a part of it. I was lucky enough to score an invite to the secretive dinner and attended with my longtime friend and founder of W.H.I.T.E (Women Have It To Empower), Ketly Marcellus.

Ketly Marcellus Diner en Blanc West Palm Beach IMG_7989Jackie Daniel Diner en Blanc West Palm Beach IMG_7990


The dinner's location is kept secret until the day if the event. In most cases you don't find out until the moment you arrive at the site. One of the keys to this secrecy is in how the event is organized. Participants select group leaders and meet-up locations where they are to board a chartered bus and then head out for the dinner. Upon arrival, all of the buses unload their picnic supplies and begin setting up their tables according to the row they were assigned.

Diner_en_Blanc_2015_1 PBP Richard Graulich
Photo Credit: Richard Graulich c/o Palm Beach Post
Diner_en_Blanc_2015_18 Richard Graulich
Photo Credit: Richard Graulich c/o Palm Beach Post

Because this was Palm Beach's first year holding the dinner, I have to admit there were a couple of snags. Our bus left ridiculously late, and table setup was chaotic (let's not get into the torrential downpour that occured just before dinner since we can't blame anyone for that). However, once everything came together, it was a lovely experience. Performances from local artists were superb, the ambiance was elegant and the DJ played a great set that kept the diverse crowd on their feet until the end of the night. I'm looking forward to the next event. Maybe I'll check out the Miami edition when it comes around again next year.

White Napkin Wave Diner en Blanc West Palm Beach
Ceremonious waving of the white napkin to mark the beginning of the dinner.


Jackie Daniel and Ketly Marcellus Diner en Blanc IMG_7981


Check out some more photos from the event:

This post contains photos from the Palm Beach Post shot by photographer Richard Graulich.


9664 Office Halloween black Princess Jasmine

The Halloween celebration at my job seems to get bigger and bigger every year. From the elaborate party in the downstairs auditorium to the costume contest, and the haunted house and other related activities, Halloween definitively isn’t one of those days where you want to call out sick. This year a couple of my super-creative colleagues decided to decorate our entire department in the theme of an evil carnival, a CarnEvil to be precise. They went all out with the decor and needless to say our department emerged victorious when it came to the decorating contest.

I’m always up for having fun at work so I was all in on the festivities. I didn’t go for my usual over-the-top, creative costume this year (*side bar: I made a BuzzFeed list this year for my Halloween Costume as “The Cloud” last year check me out at #10). I just didn’t have the time or the energy to commit but I did thoroughly enjoy my Princess Jasmine getup. Check out a few pictures from the day’s shenanigans.

9684 Office Halloween CarnEvil carnival theme
Skeleton manned ticket booth entry (skeleton not pictured).

9688 Office Halloween clowns 9697 Office Halloween carnEvil mouse popcorn 9718 Office Halloween Clown 9712 Office Halloween Cotton candy

9750 Office Halloween Haunted House
The haunted house got a little crazy this year.

6903 Office Halloween pumpkin carving Trumpkin9720 Office Halloween food throw up guac

Office Halloween Starwars Costumes Department VPs
EVPs and VPs patrolling these mean corporate halls like badasses from Starwars.
6951 Office Halloween Princess Jasmine and Ariel
Disney princesses among the clowns and sketchy carnival types.