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Bobbi Brown Pretty Powerful Girl Rising Collage

You may or not be familiar with cosmetics mogul Bobbi Brown but in case you aren't, she is what happens when you mix makeup guru with business acumen and creativity. Brown who earned her B.F.A. in theatrical makeup became fascinated with makeup at an early age and would eventually make a career out of her life-long passion. She was already an accomplished makeup artist before she founded her own cosmetic line in 1991.  Four years after launching, Estée Lauder acquired the line, not only offering Brown cash but also creative control.

Today the Chief Creative Officer of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics continues to have great influence over the industry as well as other female entrepreneurs who aspire to the type of success that she has realized. I’m placing her in the girl power spotlight today because of her recent charity related power moves. Not only does her company have the Pretty Powerful initiative (cool name BTW), it has also recently partnered with the Girl Rising movement for a double dose of girl power.

The Pretty Powerful Campaign for Women & Girls partners with organizations that make education and learning accessible to women and girls on a global level. The organization supports programs that provide women and girls with the knowledge, skills and experience to overcome the social inequalities and disadvantages that they face.

Girl Rising seeks to empower girls by providing them the educational resources they might not otherwise have access to. The organization works toward the goal of breaking the harmful cycles of illiteracy and poverty while educating girls globally.

This is the perfect partnership for Bobbi. She and her brand have been long time believers of female empowerment. Already having partnered with organizations like Dress For Success, Bobbi felt like it was time to start placing the focus on educating girls. I’m totally for it. Seriously, I'm all in. Let’s start our girls early and give them the guidance and education they need to go on to accomplish great things in life.

For more information on the Bobbi Brown and Girl Rising partnership and how you can get involved, visit

Thank you for reading. Now… "Let the power moves continue."

dress shoes casual shoes

Soooo, I have an embarrassing story.  Last week I committed the ultimate in business professional, fashion crimes.  I’m still shaking my head because I, of all people, should know better. So here’s the deal. I don’t commute in heels. I learned the hard way that driving in my heels is not only uncomfortable but causes wear and tear on the heel of the shoe from all of the friction that occurs when pressing and releasing the pedal. So in an effort to preserve my pretty pumps and also heed my mothers warnings on the dangers of driving in heels, I commute in sensible flats or sandals. Sandals I don’t mind so much but I loathe flats and any pair I own are for comfort only. I probably die a little on the inside each time I have to put them on.  Therefore, I drive in flats and when I arrive to my destination I put on my real shoes in the car.

As far as work is concerned, I can’t recall exactly when but somewhere along the line I stopped putting my shoes on in the car and started putting them on at my desk. If I think about it, it was probably around the time I started taking the train to work. Which would make sense since there really wouldn’t be a comfortable place to discretely put on my shoes before walking into the office.  Nowadays I don’t take the train anymore. There are too many inconsistencies involved in taking the train and my schedule just wont permit. However, since I’ve stopped taking the train I have not returned to the ritual of putting on my shoes in the car. I figure "What the hell, I’ll save my shoes a little wear and tear by sparing them a few extra steps on the concrete."

Cut to my mid-week revelation. I walked into the building sharply dressed in a blue-green pencil skirt and bold yellow cardigan, with matching yellow and blue green skinny waste belt, and non-matching black ankle strapped sandals with my fiercest green pumps tuck securely away in my rollaway laptop bag.  Just as I waved my badge to cross the secured entrance, I noticed I was face-to-face with the CEO.

Not only was I late (oh, I didn’t mention I was late?), I was pumpless (fail). Oh dear God. I panicked (on the inside). I didn’t even bother to say good morning (fail #2).  I just made a futile attempt of trying to hide my toes with my rollaway bag while all I could think of was “Damn it. He can’t possibly think this is it, right? He can’t think that this is how this fabulous ensemble ends. Damn it to hell.”  Now does the CEO of a Fortune 500 company care about my toes? Probably not. Even if he noticed, he probably put two and two together and surmised that somewhere in my luggage was some sort of dress-code compliant footwear. Or maybe he thought I had an injury. Who knows? The point is, I didn’t look my best and the opportunity to make a powerful first impression was lost.

Though I may have redeemed myself somewhat by displaying a sense of humor with a super forced smile at his “Smile it’s Wednesday” comment followed by a cheerful “Have a great day!” exchange, I certainly had a good laugh at myself afterwards.  The following day I put my shoes on in the car and have continued to do for the past couple of days. There’s just something about meeting a millionaire in an elevator that makes you want to reevaluate flopping around with exposed toes.

Moral of the story: Always look your best. Look like the person you want people to believe you are. You never know who you’ll run into at the elevator.

Thank you for reading. Now… “Let the power moves continue.”

Here it is folks, my first ever social media contest in honor of my 1 year anniversary as a blogger. There are two methods to enter. Check out the details below. Good luck!

Entry Via Instagram

Instagram Contest Rules

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Contest Rules:

Contest ends 1/31/15 at 11:59pm Eastern Standard time.  Winner will be announced on 2/1/15. One DSW gift card loaded with a value of $100 will be awarded to 1 participant chosen at random. Winner will be contacted through the social media outlet from which they entered with instructions to contact Power Moves and Pumps via email. Winner must contact the email address provided to claim prize. If prize is not claimed within 3 days, the winner will forfeit the prize and another winner will be chosen. Friends and family members of Power Moves & Pumps not eligible to win.

Bloggerversary Blogger anniversary collage sml

Yup, one year ago today I announced to the world the launch of Power Moves and Pumps. One year ago today I set out on a mission to not only learn and grow professionally but to also share that knowledge and growth with other women like myself.  I didn’t know that by sharing and making a commitment to share that I would in turn learn so much.  What emerged from an idea I had for sharing my passion for fashion blossomed into so much more.  If I was going to talk about what I was learning, I had to make sure I was actually learning. If I was going to talk about looking your best, then I had to look my best. My commitment to you, the reader has certainly kept me on my toes.  So what you have done for me by following my musings has been invaluable and I can’t thank you enough.

Why I started

If you’ve read the about me section, then you already have a solid understanding of why I started this blog to begin with. I was inspired by other bloggers and encouraged by colleagues who appreciated my fashion sense but it extends far beyond that. This blog has allowed me to showcase my ideas, hold myself accountable and at times be an inspiration to others. Navigating through a career journey is unnecessarily hard for women but I’m a determined individual and I’m remarkably stubborn when it comes to success. I won’t give up until I have it. I’ve certainly had plenty of reason to throw in the towel and settle for the status quo but as tempting as that is, I could never bring myself to do it. In my mind, if I’m this determined when it comes to making it through the obstacles, there’s no reason why I wouldn’t ultimately succeed. I have the utmost confidence that I will eventually arrive at my destination. Knowing that, it would be selfish of me to hold on to the knowledge that will eventually help me reach my career destination.  Hopefully, I can make the journey a smidge easier for someone else.

What I Learned

Blogging is hard work. This ain’t your momma’s weekend scrapbook project. Power Moves and Pumps has a purpose.  This blog has become my baby, a time consuming, sleep depriving, attention stealing baby.  Like all babies right? I never thought about what really goes into producing a post while I was scrolling through all of those other blogs. I think the idea of a post taking four hours to create would have thrown me for a loop. Had I known, I might have run away screaming. Being on the other side now, I can appreciate all that goes into creating stimulating graphics, writing captivating copy or finding links to the resources you want your reader to have. Fellow bloggers, cheers to you. You are awesome.

I’ve also picked up several valuable skills just by jumping into the trenches like how to create and manage a Word Press site, influencing through social media, managing an editorial calendar, creating a budget, hiring help, and even my copywriting has improved. I’ve learned so much through trial and error. I’ve had technical difficulties that almost caused me to pull all of my hair out. I’ve gotten a better idea of what my followers like to see and what I should post more of. It’s been a great learning journey and I’m looking forward to growing and making the experience even better this year.

Favorite part of blogging

There’s so much that I appreciate about blogging but knowing that I actually possess the power to motivate or inspire someone is an amazing feeling. It’s incredible to think you could have possibly affected a change in someone’s life. I’m a creative type and when I blog, I’m constantly creating.  You always hope that someone will like what you created. Therefore, when someone acknowledges something I’ve put a lot of hard work into it’s a beautiful feeling. It helps to validate your works purpose.

Least Favorite Part of Blogging

Blogging this past year has been a blast. There honestly hasn’t been much that I’ve dealt with that I would not be willing to deal with again for the grater good of the blog. My biggest issues were dealing with technical difficulties and the large amount of time it takes to run the blog at just the moderate pace at which I’m it running now. Other than that, it’s really been all love.

What I’m Looking Forward To

I’m looking forward to ramping things up this year and stepping up the pace a bit. I’m looking forward to the continued knowledge shares, more interaction with my readers and followers, more fashion, more fun, and more power moves. I hope you’ll stick around to be part of the continued journey.


Surprise, Surprise…Because I Have to Thank You!

Like I said before, I have to thank my readers for making this past year so amazing. If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t have an audience to speak to. In honor of your readership and support, I’m launching my first social media contest (and it’s a gonna be a good one!) I will announce it later on today so stay tuned.


Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for reading. Now… “Let the power moves continue.”

French Expressions Paris themed home office design and decor

I love the idea of a Paris inspired home office design. On any given day I could totally see myself gallivanting through Paris, France, taking in the sights and partaking in some glorious shopping; Designer bags in one hand and a croissant in the other.

For those of us who can't afford to live a life like the one I described above, there's always the idea of surrounding yourself with design inspired by the land of romance and transporting your self there mentally.

Here are a couple of great finds for transforming your home office into a whimsical Parisian playground.

(1.) Casper Dining Armchair - -   view item

(2.) Black Eiffel Tower 2-Piece Bookend Set - -  view item

(3.) Bush, Farrago Collection  Black Desk - -  view item

(4.) Room Essentials, Black and White 3-Ring Binder - -   view item

(5.) From Paris With Love stationary - -  view item

(6.) Missoni, Bayadere Black And White Striped Vase - john paul & co - view item

(7. ) Trademark Art, Yale Gurney "Paris Eiffel Tower"  Canvas Art - -   view item

(8.) Parisian Table Lamp - - $55.95 - view item

Super Culotte outfit inspiration collage

They’re super cute and super cool. This year’s hottest fashion item might be the beloved culotte. They’re shorts with a slight identity crisis primarily because from afar you might mistake them for some type of flared skirt. Depending on the dress code at your place of business, you can easily create an ensemble that’s not only safe for work but right on trend as well.

  • Culottes: 3.1 Phillip Lim Ponte Culottes view item
  • Jacket:  Michael Kors Zip Front Tweed Jacket view item
  • Shoes: Varcityy Suede Pointy Toe Pump view item
  • Handbag: Dooney & Bourke Saffiano Zip Zip Satchel view item
  • Necklace: Nordstrom Sequin Stone Collar Necklace view item

For more info on the planner pictured above visit

If you haven’t started your planning for 2015, you’re a little behind but that’s okay. In my last post I touched on goal setting for the New Year and as I called it, planning for Q1.  I thought I’d delve a little deeper and share some insight into how I approached this task.


Step 1 – Make a list (check it twice or 5 times… or whatever)

The first step was taking the time to think about what I wanted to achieve this year and then listing those things out.  I’m talking clearly-defined, measurable goals people.

Step 2 – Take note

I thought it was also important that I do a year-end review of 2014.  What was I able to accomplish last year? What didn’t I accomplish that I really wanted to? What are some positive/successful actions that I’ll want to carry into the next year versus things I should make sure I leave in 2014 and stay clear of this year?

Step 3 – Set priorities

Now, of all of these goals, which ones are most important? Prioritization is imperative to ensure that I’m not just tackling whatever’s easy first.  I want the big fish so I can’t be dilly-dallying with the sardines. I need to focus.

Step 4 – Strategery (Yes that's  strə-tee-jər-ee a la Will Ferrell)

Now that I know what I want, it's time for the plan of attack.  I need to determine when I want it and how I’m going to get it. It’s time to think strategy and create a plan for achieving each goal. Set timelines and figure out how I’ll be investing resources like time and money.

Step 5 – Plan A, B, C… and F it

I needed alternate strategies for achieving my goals, especially the larger more complex ones. It’s inevitable that in working towards my long list of goals certain instances may arise where things don’t work out exactly the way I planned and I end up needing to take a different course of action. By planning thoroughly enough I give myself the luxury of falling back on a reserve strategy which gives me a good chance of achieving what I initially set out to do.  If all else fails, say F it and reevaluate.


Things to keep in mind:

Keep tabs on your progress: Do regular audits of your progress to make sure you stay on track.

Keep a visual: Whether it’s a dry erase board with to-do items listed on it or a vision board with imagery of what you want to achieve. Keeping a visual is a great way to stay motivated.

Don’t sweat the small stuff: Avoid dwelling on failures, delays or unaccomplished goals. Dwelling doesn’t help, action does. Learn from mistakes and apply solutions.

Celebrate achievements: It’s okay to do a little celebrating for small wins and quick wins and when you get those big wins it’s a requirement that you celebrate. It isn’t all about the destination, the journey is equally important.

That’s my 2 cents. Hopefully this format will be as helpful to you as it was to me as you complete your 2015 goal planning.

Thanks for reading.  Now… “Let the power moves continue.”

Happy New Year Q1 Champagne-wide

2015 I'm about to make you my bitch. Pardon my French but I really can't help it. I've already listed out my 2015 goals (NOT New Years resolutions) and I'm about to get started on my plan of attack. Every year somewhere in the 4th quarter businesses start laying out a strategy. They discuss what they're going to do the next year. They outline goals and come up with a plan of action to achieve said goals.

I, my friends, think of myself as business. It's not about participating in the cliché resolutions that everyone makes and will inevitably forget about 3 weeks into the year. It's about governing yourself like a business would. In Q4 I was definitely putting some heavy thought on what my Q1 would be like. If you haven't already, it's not too late. Today is day 1 of your Q1 make it count and get to planning so you can get 'er done. Happy New Year!

Thanks for reading.  Now… “Let the power moves continue.”