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Fall for Pastels collage

I thought I’d create something for fall that says “I love fall fashion but I also love spring colors.” This poncho gives me the warm and fuzzies. Paired with touches of black, this outfit is totally having a fall/spring identity crisis and I love it.

woman screaming show me the money jerry maguire text


So a little over a week ago Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella made a comment that landed him in some hot water. In regards to women in the workforce asking for raises, Nadaella had the following to say:

“It’s not really about asking for a raise, but knowing and having faith that the system will give you the right raise,”

Sure that’s easy to say when you’re pulling in $84 million. I ranted and raved about Nadaella’s suggestion that “good karma” would get us (women) the raises we deserve on Twitter but felt like I needed a more appropriate forum to express my gripes; one that gives me more than 140 characters to air my grievances. Oh wait... I have one, this blog. So here's my issue with Mr. Nadalla and his asinine statement. Actually here are 3 of my issues:

  1. Women have a tendency not to ask for raises. So while the men are busy asking for raises and negotiating salaries we fall behind because we don’t feel comfortable enough to ask for what we believe we deserve.
  2. The system Nadella is suggesting we wait on is the same system that statistically speaking, continues to pay women approximately 77 cents to every dollar earned by a man.
  3. Nadalla is speaking from the male perspective, a perspective that provides no insight on what its like to be a woman competing for opportunities in today’s workforce. Say what you will but business is competitive and part of the competition lies in knowing your worth and going after it.


Of course Nadalla later back tracked. He quickly went back to Microsoft human resources and requested data on male-female pay equity for positions of the same title within the company and was able to later report that there wasn’t much of a disparity in pay for men and women at Microsoft. That’s a great start for Microsoft but even Nadalla admits they have some work to do when it comes to the velocity of promotions for women and minorities in senior ranks. When it comes to senior ranking positions, it doesn’t take a genius to realize that men dominate the top of the ladder across the board.

So what’s my bottom line? Ask for the raise you believe you deserve because history and unfortunately current statistics pretty clearly show that waiting around for good stuff to happen to you will get you zilch. There’s a great quote attributed to Abraham Lincoln that says:

Things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle.

Even Honest Abe knew that to get what you want, you have to go out and get it.


Thanks for reading.  Now… “Let the power moves continue.”

 rust orange tank top ruched skirt IMG_edit_5617sml rust orange tank top ruched skirt IMG_edit_5508sml rust orange tank top ruched skirt IMG_edit_5408sml rust orange tank top ruched skirt IMG_edit_5383sml rust orange tank top ruched skirt IMG_edit_5356sml rust orange tank top ruched skirt IMG_edit_5346sml rust orange tank top ruched skirt double collage rust orange tank top ruched skirt collage4

I decided to play with a fall color palette for this look. I'm not the biggest fan of orange but there are a couple of shades of orange that really speak to me. You guys can probably guess that I love coral but rustic oranges have always held a special place in my heart. Give me a shade of burnt sienna or burnt umber and be still my heart. My skirt and tank combo pull from some of your typical harvest colors. Yummm… makes me think of pumpkin pie. I could totally wear this to my office Thanksgiving party or my cousins Thanksgiving dinner. It's a classic type of pairing that's versatile enough to work in a number of settings.

Let's talk details. The skirt features this great ruching that is oh so flattering to the figure. That, along with the somewhat busy pattern is enough to hide some tummy sins. My top has a cute little zipper  in the back towards the nape of the neck. I decided to compliment this with a pump that features a sexy zipper detail on the back of the heel (Sort of like the Tom Ford heel but several hundred dollars less). And that., ladies and gentlemen is how you do Rustic-fierce. Find the details on how to re-create the look below:

Anna Wintours Office at Vouge from 73 Questions with Anna Wintour

Vogue® has a running video series entitled 73 questions where it captures in a single shot, a rapid-fire question interview of notable personalities. Past subjects have included Sarah Jessica Parker,  Olivia Munn, Blake Lively,  Daniel Radcliffe, Reese Witherspoon, and today’s blog Subject Anna Wintour. I decided to check out Anna’s video to learn a little more about her but what I found surprisingly interesting was the inside of her office.

It’s not particularly beautiful and is sort of a hodgepodge of different styles and pieces. Not what I expected from a BOSS of her caliber but interesting nonetheless.  Apparently, when it comes to décor, Anna is more of a shabby-chic than all out chic. I’m not a fan of shabby-chic but just in case any of readers are, this might be something you get some inspiration from.

Anna Wintour vs Miranda Priestly's office

Anna used to have a mirror hanging on a wall next to her desk but I think she might have changed things up a little since the movie Devil Wears Prada mimicked her style almost perfectly. I liked the mirror so you can find a similar one along with other items  similar to the ones found in her office below.

Anna Wintour's office Vouge mock up get the look


Anna Wintour Tolix Marais A Chair designed by Xavier Pauchard

Anna’a Desk Chair

It's well known that Anna loves this simple desk chair. It’s a Tolix® Marais A Chair designed by Xavier Pauchard that retails for about $265. Find it here

Agatha+Ceramic+Vase thumb

Art Deco Vases

Anna’s favorite thing in her office, the Clarice Cliff rare Art Deco Vase collection. Vases retail for about $23,700. I'm guessing that might hurt the pockets a bit  so get a similar look here

Blue console table thumb

Blue console table

I’m not sure what her blue console table ran her but you can use this Aiden Console Distressed Pale Blue/ White Table to get a similar look for a reasonable $209.99. Find it here

Roma White Accent Chair Lowes thumb

Accent Chair

Any sophisticated room needs a refined white accent chair.  This Roma White accent chair from Lowes fits the bill at $315. Find it here

picture wall thumb

Photo Wall

Anna apparently love’s photos. Re-create her wall of memories with an assorted group of picture frames - Gallery perfect 7-piece frame set from Bed Bath & Beyond is a steal at 49.99. Buy it here

Gold Octagon Mirror thumb

Octagon Mirror

Get a mirror that rivals Anna’s. This gold and black finish octagon Mirror is regularly priced at $399 but is now on sale for $249 (at time of post ). Get the deal here

Black desk thumb


The desk, like her chair is simple but sleek. Get the style with this $977 Jet Console Desk. Find it here

happy female business woman entrepreneur _text2

So I read this article on a while back that highlighted a recent study comparing male and female entrepreneurs and their respective levels of happiness. Who was the happier of the two? The women of course. Not only are they happier than their entrepreneurial male counterparts, they’re also apparently more than twice as happy with their well-being than non-entrepreneurs and non-business owners. All right then, that settles it. I’m starting a business… like now.

But uh, hold your horses Jackie. What’s this part here? The study, The 2013 Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) U.S. Report, also pointed out another interesting fact.  Female entrepreneurs who are just starting out are less happy than male entrepreneurs in the start up phase. Aww damn. There’s always a catch isn’t there. There’s a pretty good explanation for this though. Turns out that just 7 percent of female-backed teams are able to obtain venture funding. So inevitably things are much more challenging in the beginning.

This isn’t all that surprising. After all, we women are still earning roughly 77 cents to every dollar earned by our male counterparts.  It’s harder for us to get that promotion, land that deal and as evidenced by this study, it’s harder for us to find investors for our brilliant ideas. If you think about the fact that most venture capitalist are men, it’s got to be nothing short of a challenge to get them to not only understand your female-targeted business but also believe in it enough to want to buy into it.

What’s the moral of the story? Being a woman business owner is going to be hard as hell. At some times it may be downright depressing but there is a light at the end of the tunnel and the closer you get to the light the more you can bask in it’s warmth. (I totally just pictured my self in a tunnel dressed in white with my arms stretched out wide, head back, eyes closed, just taking in the satisfaction of running my own [wildly successful] show.) The writing is on the wall folks.  Happiness levels among women entrepreneurs surge as their ventures mature. It’s in the study. Keep working towards your goal. It will be worth it in the end.

A little nugget #forthegram

happy business woman

Read more on the study here: The 2013 Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) U.S. Report


Thanks for reading.  Now… “Let the power moves continue.”



(From Right to Left: Darryl, Bonita, Me, Staceyann, Greg, Horasetta, Shadel, Shadel's wife Leander)
(From Right to Left: Darryl, Bonita, Me, Staceyann, Greg, Horasetta, Shadel, Shadel's wife Leander)

Today we'll be departing a bit from our normal work-wear fashion and business topics to look at a little travel, some formal fashion and matters of the heart.  Last weekend my crew and I headed out to picturesque city of Tucson Arizona. You may recall, me mentioning my crew in a recent post on the topic of wearing white after Labor Day. "The Crew", a collection of old college buddies who one of our parents affectionately dubbed "The Black 90210", graduated some (cough) years ago but have managed to remain incredibly close.

We try to get together for a little getaway about once a year and this year the destination was Tucson, Arizona. Why Tucson, Arizona, you ask; certainly not for the wealth of entertainment and activities  (umm why is there nothing to do in Tucson?) but because our dear friend Darryl was getting married. Like a 3rd installment of the Best Man movies, The Crew descended upon the Ritz Carlton Tuscon, Dove Mountain and started the weekend off with laughs right from the jump,  laughs that would not let up until we boarded our separate flights back home. Our trip was so filled with good times and fabulous fashions, I thought I’d share a few pictures (read: a gang of pictures) from our lovely weekend.

(Upon arrival at The Ritz Carlton, Dove Mountaiin, a magical place where your questions are never answered with "No" but "I'll see what I can do." Fabulous resort.
(Upon arrival at The Ritz Carlton, Dove Mountain, a magical Shangri-La)

We arrived at this grand resort and couldn't help but be in awe of how gorgeous it was. It really doesn't matter that there's nothing to do in town. Dove Mountain is a town in of itself. I also finally understand why people rave about the quality of service at the famed Ritz Carlton. It's like a magical place where a guest requests are never answered with a "No" but rather "I'll see what I can do." Of course I had to test my boundaries and request that someone find me a unicorn. Low and behold, a staff member returned to me with a signed photo of a Unicorn. I see what you did there. I love this place.

Scenic rustic wedding mountains Tucson Arizona Ritz Carlton Scenic rustic wedding fire pit Tucson Arizona Ritz Carlton

Scenery. I need say No more.

The crew college buddies friends wedding double
Rehearsal dinner/meet and greet and food truck fun.


The crew college buddies friends ladies The crew college buddies friends ladies2

We did a little venturing off the resort to see if there was anything interesting to see. You guessed it, nothing.  So like any group of self respecting shopaholics would, we ended up at a mall. No complaints. Pretty cute outdoor ambiance.

Lime green neon yellow dress orange shoes single2

Wedding day! Wedding dress code called for "Resort Cocktail attire". I thought about something floral or a flowy jumper but then decided to go super bright and incorporate some oranges to tie in an Arizona desert feel. It turned out more tropical than desert but I liked the outcome none the less. More details on the look below.

Bonita's strapless floral pencil dress was on point. Paired with those awesome nude sandals. POW!
Bonita's strapless floral pencil dress was on point. Paired with those awesome nude sandals. POW!
Make love to the camera. Staceyann looking all goddess like in this bold green stunner.
Make love to the camera. Staceyann looking all goddess-like in this bold green stunner.
Attitude. Alright Horasetta don't hurt 'em. You can never go wrong in a little black dress.
Attitude. Alright Horasetta don't hurt 'em. You can never go wrong in a little black dress.

Lime green neon yellow dress orange shoes collage2

My outfit details

Accessories lime green neon yellow dress orange shoes collage

  • Dress: ASOS
  • Shoes: BCBGeneration
  • Bag: Francessca
  • Accessories: Charming Charlie


And then there was the wedding...

three piece band wedding Arizona Ritz Carlton

We were all shuttled to the wedding location where we were greeted with a pre-ceremony cocktail reception, libations and passed hors d'oeuvres a'plenty. We took our places for the ceremony, passing a 3-piece band and photo booth/guestbook station. The backdrop for the ceremony… absolutely incredible. The sun hid just behind the mountains and we were all among  friends and family.

TV tuxedo gay wedding Arizona Ritz Carlton2
Darryl's groom Bill entering with his mother.
pink tuxedo gay wedding Arizona Ritz Carlton2
Darryl entering with his mother.
pink tuxedo gay wedding Arizona Ritz Carlton
Darryl & Bill together in sharpness. Loved the pink. Peep the adoring sister crying in the background. aww.

Post -ceremony we mingled during cocktail hour before taking our seats as the sun set.  The drinks flowed and the laughs continued. After dinner ties came undone and the guards let down. We partied.

Bonita Edgar floral pencils cocktail wedding dress
Bonita and her husband Edgar.
Shadel and Edgar cocktail wedding
Shadel and Edgar engaged in some interesting conversation.
All smiles.
All smiles.

The crew college buddies friends ladies4

party people dancing wedding Arizona Ritz Carlton

Overall, It was a great weekend. Entirely too short but totally blessed to know such amazing people who at this point are more than friends. We're family.

The crew college buddies friends wedding

"Bling Bling! Where dey at?"