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Womans celebs gingham shirt fashion

If you’re not familiar with what gingham is, please take a second to realize that this is a lie and you are in fact totally familiar with what gingham is you just didn’t know what it was called. Now let's proceed.

Womans gingham shirt fashion

ging·ham   'giNGəm/

noun: gingham; plural noun: ginghams

lightweight plain-woven cotton cloth, typically checked in white and a bold color.

Think picnic basket and barbeque joint and you’ve got the right idea.  The print seems to have grown in popularity lately and J. Crew seems to have the market cornered on this, offering an array of different shirts and accessories including scarfs, bow ties and even a baby onesie.  Some of your favorite celebs are rocking the look. Whether it’s worn in laidback fashion, the traditional preppy way or more of a high fashion look, the fun pattern never fails and is the epitome of work appropriate. Interested? Head to your local J. Crew to try some on for size.

#GIRLBOSS Nasty Gal book image CEO

If I spoke exclusively in hashtags, my feelings on this book would probably read something like this: #GIRLBOSS #nastygal #awesome #lovedit. It’s pretty simple really. #GIRLBOSS is a page-turner with a multiple identity of sorts. At different points it reads like a self-help book on life, career guide, autobiography, a business how-to guide and a feminist manifesto.

Sophia Amoruso, founder and CEO of Nasty Girl is the first to tell you how unlikely her story is and with her history it’s easy to see why she herself never could have imagined that she’d be as successful as she is right now.  Founder of a wildly popular online retail site with a near cult following isn’t something most kids dream about so when this unlikely success story decided to share a bit about her journey, she immediately had a captive audience.

The book starts with the abridged timeline of events that led Sophia to where she is today. Frankly, the timeline makes absolutely no sense. I mean, how do you go from being detained for shoplifting in 2003 to operating a $100 million-plus business in 2014?  Of course, the ambiguity is by design. The summary is a cute way to put things into perspective. A lot can happen in a couple of years and this is why #GIRLBOSS is a book and not a one-page summary.  You want to fill in the gaps? You’ll have to read the book.

One of the reasons I love this book is its shear honesty. Nothing is sugar coated. Her real life lessons are included, killer instinct, good ideas, luck, stupid mistakes and questionable judgments alike.  She isn’t’ shy about discussing any of it. What I also appreciate is the inclusion of inspirational quotes and illustrations.  Whether it be her own mottos and mantras or famous quotes from other famous people, they added depth to an already valuable reading experience.  Two of my favorite excerpts from the book are from her introduction and from the portion of the book that touches on managing finances. The first, “Don’t ever grow up. Don’t become a bore. Don’t ever let the Man get to you.” The second. “You can’t act like you’ve arrived when you’re only just receiving the invitation.”  Man, that’s good stuff.

#GIRLBOSS straight and narrow image

Overall, the book provides great insight on what can happen if you love what you do and stay committed to what you believe in. Like they say in infomercials, “Results not typical.” Clearly one shouldn’t take this book to mean they can follow some sort of blueprint laid out by Amoruso and realize the same kind of success that she’s experienced in a few short years but it really is helpful to see someone make it despite all of the signs that generally pointed to things turning out horribly, horribly wrong. There’s a great story here and the moral’s even better.

Did it move me? Yes. Would I recommend it to others? Absolutely, yes.  Girlbosses  (she calls us Girlbosses) like us would certainly benefit from soaking up some of this information not only for its educational value but for its entertainment value as well. Bottom line = Get this book.

Thanks for reading.  Now… “Let’s keep making those power moves ladies.”


J. Daniel

IMG_4835edit Rachel Roy coral orange jumpsuit romper_sml IMG_4829edit Rachel Roy coral orange jumpsuit romper_sml IMG_5026edit Rachel Roy coral orange jumpsuit romper_sml IMG_4856edit Rachel Roy coral orange jumpsuit romper_sml IMG_4899editRachel Roy coral orange jumpsuit romper_sml_long IMG_4918edit Rachel Roy coral orange jumpsuit romper_smlRachel Roy coral orange jumpsuit romper collage2_sml

I say orange jumpsuit and you automatically think of a prison inmate, right? Well think again. Here’s a piece with the ability to get that ugly image out of your mind once and for all. The only thing correctional about this jumpsuit is its ability to improve my mood. While it’s more of a satiny coral than a blunt orange, I still love the way the warm color plays against my skin tone.

I threw on a nude blazer with peachy undertones and some nude pumps to match. The blazer is a cute, extra layer that’s perfect for the conservative office or just a stylish way to keep warm especially in my case since the thermostat in my place of business is regularly set to Arctic Blast. Find links to re-create this mischievous little look below.

Mo'ne Davis pitch 

So this may not be directly related to career advancement but this story is just so darn cool that I had to dedicate a post to it. About a month and a half ago Always released a campaign entitled #likeagirl, encouraging us to rethink using the phrase “like a girl” to insinuate something being done in a subpar manner. I don’t know if Mo’ne Davis, a 13-year-old little league pitcher from Pennsylvania found commonality in the campaign or even knows anything about it honestly, but she certainly is living proof that throwing like a girl can mean good things, really, really good things.

Mo’ne Davis is making history as she leads her Little League team, The Taney Dragons in the Little League World Series.  Not only is Mo’ne the only girl on her team, she’s only the 17th girl to make it to the Little league World Series in its 68 years of existence. Now I don’t need to know much about baseball (I know virtually nothing mind you) to know that Mo’ne’s pitching abilities are definitively a problem for the opposing team. With a fastball pitch that clocks in at about 70mph, something tells me those boys are not ready. They want no parts of this I tell you, no parts.  I have a feeling this little power mover is all set on the path to help her team become world series champs this year. She threw a 3-hit shut out on Sunday (I didn't know what that meant. I had to look it up.) allowing only three hits while conversely striking out 6 players to land an 8-0 victory over Delaware.

How does Mo’ne feel about it? “…more girls should start joining boys’ teams. The attention should not just be on one girl; more girls should join boys’ teams so it is a tradition and it won’t be so special.” What an amazing young lady. Not only is she talented, but she’s also all for the empowerment of other girls.

Mo'ne quote

Mo’ne tells Philly’s NBC 10, “I’ll probably be either the first female in the MLB or the NBA.” You know what girl, I totally believe you. Keep throwing #likeagirl.

Watch Mo’ne strick ’em out at
Watch Mo’ne strick ’em out at

Thanks for reading. Now let’s make power moves ladies.





Michelle Obama belt style fashion belts collage


I have a thing for belts and apparently so does our First Lady. Seriously, in the collage above alone, the woman has successfully belted coats, button downs, sweaters, skirts, dresses, jumpsuits and blouses. FLOTUS clearly knows the importance of accentuating a woman’s waist. Mrs. Obama is not new to this style game and clearly she can and will belt whatever her heart desires. My favorites are the plastic Sonia Rykiel belt that she wore when she graced the cover of O magazine in 2009, the Anthropologie belt she wore over the Oscar De La Renta Resort button down, the Tory Burch printed belt over that already bold tangerine Jean Paul Gaultier pantsuit and of course the J. Crew jeweled belt that she wore over the Thom Browne menswear inspired coat for the inauguration in 2013. Just fabulous darling (in my Mariah Carey voice).

Personally, I love how you can change the entire look of an outfit with the simple addition of a belt. It could be a minor detail but sometimes it’s the minor details that make all the difference. I can’t even tell you the number of times that I've put an outfit together and stood in front of a mirror and stared at myself for an extended period of time trying to figure out why it just didn't look right. In the end I decided to add a belt and voila, that was all I needed all along.

If Mrs. Obama’s passion for belting has inspired you, here are a couple of cute finds you may want to try on for size.

McQ Alexander McQueen Leather Waist Belt
McQ Alexander McQueen Leather Waist Belt
Nastay Gal Chain Reaction Belt
Nastay Gal Chain Reaction Belt
Dorothy Perkins Tan Overlay Belt
Dorothy Perkins Tan Overlay Belt
Shop Rachel Zoe Double Darren Clip Waist Belt
Rachel Zoe Double Darren Clip Waist Belt
Linea Pelle Chevron Lattice Waist Belt
Linea Pelle Chevron Lattice Waist Belt






IMG_4655 Plum purple pink midi flare dress.edit3 sml


IMG_4720 Plum purple pink midi flare dress edit sml


IMG_4207Plum purple pink midi flare dress editlong small

IMG_4340 Plum purple pink midi flare dress edit sml


IMG_4616 Plum purple pink midi flare dress edit sml


Plum purple pink midi flare dress collage

So I’ve worn this outfit once before and got the best reaction from one of my coworkers. “You look some type of high-fashion nun.  Well that’s an interesting take on the ensemble. I can totally see how the buttoned up collar would conjure up images of Mother Superior but beyond the collar, my partial shirt offers up a whole lot of attitude (totally in a demure righteous kind of way of course).

I paired the sleeved creation with a plum-colored flare dress and there you have it, drama. The cotton dress gives great movement and its bold color ups the playful ante as the perfect combination to the dresses graceful flow when in motion.  I purchased the top some years ago so it was difficult to find something similar.  As usual, I’ve provided a couple of links to similar items below. If that doesn’t work you, you can always get creative with an old shirt and a pair of scissors. Have fun!