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When I was invited by my friend Amanda to attended a charity event benefiting breast cancer I was more than happy to lend my support. When I found out the event would be held at an all male revue, I knew this would be an interesting time to say the least.

On Monday night, Glam-A-Thon® held their annual “Kiss Breast Cancer Goodbye” event at the infamous LaBare Florida®. If one were to judge from turnout alone, you would be wise in guessing that the event was a success. Ladies turned up in droves, eagerly lining up outside ready to get the fun started.

Crowd1(The crowd outside growing anxious.)

IMG_0960Asmall(Amanda was obviously well prepared.)

Event organizers worked their magic with the décor. Sponsored in part by Skinnygirl® Cocktails, the explosion of pink was more than fitting. The entire setting was reminiscent of a glammed out Barbie dream house.  Ladies signed up for raffles on pink and blinged out items and struck some fierce poses on the Step and Repeat before happily filing into the venue.

Glam-a-thon event decor



La Bare Performers

As for what happened inside you’ll have to use your imaginations ladies. This is about all I can show you here but just know that a good time was had by all and it was all in the name of a good cause.

The Glam-A-Thon charity raises funds to benefit Broward Health Foundation and the woman of Ft Lauderdale. Assistance is given to underinsured and uninsured women in the South Florida area to receive lifesaving, early diagnostic testing and mammograms, while those battling breast cancer receive financial help, rides to and from treatment and medibras for after surgery. To find out more about the Glam-A-Thon organization and their work visit their site. The Glam-A-Thon 


Marie Forleo Networking isn’t my favorite thing to do but it’s basically a must in the business world. Personally, I have a couple of introvert related obstacles to overcome in order to be able to do this effectively so it’s an ongoing process. Every now and again I take to Youtube to see if I can find anything helpful on the subject. I stumbled upon a series of business related videos from vlogger Marie Forleo. Score! Just my luck, one video specifically addresses the challenge of Networking without coming off as a quote “fakey pants”. It’s an interesting watch.

FYI her site seems to be a great resource too. You may want to check that out as well. Thanks for visting. Now let’s make power moves ladies.


J. Daniel

Look 3 - Floral Jumper- Final - Web Quality - 9 - 9130


Look 3 - Floral Jumper- Final - Web Quality - 6 - 9111


Look 3 sitting double


Look 3 - Floral Jumper- Final - Web Quality - 4 - 9110


Look 3 tude double2

Look 3 closeups(Photo credit Sean Griffin Photography)


If you're not into pantsuits but are partial to wearing pants to the office, the jumper is a great alternative. It's the perfect way to get a uniform look without conjuring up cringe worthy images of Hillary Clinton in her stuffy androgynous looks.

I scored this cute little jumpsuit while attending an event called Shecky's Ladies Night Out last year. At the event, local vendors set up shop and sell pieces from their boutiques and stores while attendees shop and try out samples of various things. This particular jumper caught my eye and after leaving it behind decided that I had to go back for it and I’m glad I did. It’s definitely a lively piece that can easily transition from fun to a more serious look with the simple addition of a blazer.

I thought I'd change it up with a little office humor today. I've worked at a couple of different places in my lifetime and because of that I've had the pleasure of encountering many, interesting personality types. For kicks and giggles I've decided to give them some affectionate nicknames and have provided you with a little rundown on each one.

See how many office types you can spot. Are you on the list? Share this list with friends or colleagues, and see who they peg for each type (try not to offend anyone).


(1.) Sunshine Suzie - 7:30 am and she is as chipper as they get. The birds sing to her as she glides through the office doors and she continues the sonnet as she sings good morning on the way in. Meanwhile, you are physically at your desk but your brain is still in bed.
sleepy mr. beansnow white and dwarfs

(2.) Mystique – She has transformation abilities that would make Professor X tear up with pride. From 9-5 she’s Quinn; your prim and proper coworker with matching professional telephone voice. Come 5:01pm she morphs into Quanesharay‘nique Merlot Jenkins, your subject matter expert on Mob Wives, Basketball Wives and Real Housewives of __(insert any cast here).

(3.) The Email Addict - Never met an email they didn't like or didn't have the urge to “reply all” to. Their motto is "why say it in person when you can send it in an email... to everyone?."

(4.) The Weirdo – You know, the quiet and aloof type or the really talkative, just says weird s#!t type. Either way, you and your colleagues have developed a warning code in the event this person ever happens to get fired and shows up the following day just to say hi. "If you hear me scream out 'Banana Cream Pie', don't walk, run for the exits. ".

run away


(5.) Shannon Doherty – Let’s be frank. She’s the office bitch complete with BRF (Bitchy Resting Face). She's impossible to work with and you often day dream about hurling your tape dispenser at her but it took you forever to get it and they're low on stock in the supply closet. Put it down.

(6.) Kanye - the Ying to Shannon Doherty's Yang, this guy is the epitome of douche. He's narcissistic, condescending and downright mean. You want to hurl your pencil cup at him (while completely filled with pens and pencils) but then you'd have to pick up all your pens and pencils. Sigh, it's more work than it's worth. Put it down.

(7.) Bullhorn Bret - You can hear this loud mouth coming from the elevator. For some reason he never realizes how loud he is. If the office is unusually quiet, it's probably because he’s out for the day.

(8.) The Party Planner - This coworker lives for office events. I mean, planning you're retirement party is their raison d'être. From the decor to the menu, she is the corporate version of David Tutera.

(9.) The Overachiever - If this were elementary school, they would be the ones raising their hand for every question and turning in extra credit on every assignment complete with hand drawn cover art. You can roll your eyes or you can try to keep up. This is business so I suggest you try and keep up.



(10.) Kelly Bundy - This unfortunate soul is literally clueless. You question how they get their work done because they literally have no idea. Don’t bother trying to explain, only 10% of whatever you explain will ever make it to the part of the brain that can intelligibly process information. Let it be.

(11.) Tommy Strawn – Remember Martin’s best friend Tommy who always claimed to have a job but could never provide evidence of said employment? That’s so this guy. You see him around the building but have no idea what he does. “Are you actually employed here or are you visiting? Where’s your visitors badge sir?”

martin and tommy


(12.) The Name Dropper - Whether it's notables in your industry, executives in your organization or celebrities they just so happen to have hung out with last weekend, the Name Dropper makes it a point to let you know they are important (by association) by causally (read not so casually) mentioning the company they keep. " when you see it in person, Trumps hair totally looks like a spray-on toupee."

(13.) TMZ – She knows everybody’s business. She doesn’t have conversations, she gathers intel. Heard a rumor you need verified? Head to TMZ.

(14.) Jim Carrey - The office comedian. This guy is the budding rose in your daily pile of work manure. When he goes on vacation... "Wait, what do you mean you're going on vacation? Noooo don't leave me here with these people."

(15.) Mr.GQ & Ms. Vogue - They are perpetually overdressed. You're tempted to tell them to please go outside and double check the signage on the building because apparently they think they work somewhere else.



(16.) Telenovela – This one is all about the drama. The day just wouldn’t be right if there weren’t any fits, crying, eye rolling or the storming out of rooms.

(17.) President of the Happy Hour Committee - You can't have happy hour with out him. He knows all the best places to go, their best drinks and what all the specials are. He's not waiting until five o’clock either. He's flying out the door at 4:25 shouting "Drinks at Wet Willies!" on his way out.

(18.) Lady Gaga - What dress code? This nonconformist refuses to comply with your oppressive standards for business dress. They wear whatever the hell they want and essentially dare you to say something about it. How do you still work here?

Very confused Kevin Hart


19.) Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon - This ninja-like individual moves in remarkable silence. They slip in and out of rooms like a thief in the night. When they take off a week for vacation no one notices until the Friday before they comeback. "Was Johnson in today?"

(20.) The Homesteader - This co-worker has taken making themselves at home to a whole new level. They’ve furnished their cubicle with all the comforts of home and seemingly never leave. They’re there in the morning when you get in and they’re still there when you leave (lets not mention the late night emails).

Well there you go. A little something for everyone. My own personality is even included in a couple of these but  it's all in good fun. Hope you enjoyed picking out the folks you've had the pleasure of working with. Thanks for reading.


J. Daniel


Rita Ora Rihanna Gwen Stefani in plaid(Pictured: Rita Ora, Rihanna, Gwen Stefani)

Beyonce Rita Ora Julianne Hough in plaid(Pictured: Beyonce, Rita Ora, Julianne Hough)

I'm sure you all have taken note of the hot new trend of sporting plaid especially in the form of skinny pants or over-sized button down shirts worn tied around the waist over jeans. Signer Rita Ora seems to be especially fond of the trend. I thought it would be fun to see if I could take this 90's, punk-rock inspired look and alter it enough so that it would be suitable for the boardroom.

plaid outfit collage1D

The result is an outfit that's fun and very trendy yet still very chic and professional. Sure this outfit may be a little daring for your more conservative offices but most of us could probably get away with this. Though it may not work for a stodgy corporate law firm, this look would be perfect for the cool ad agency or edgy design firm environment. This one should be fun. I'll let you know if I pull it off.


money wasting baby

So I graduated college some (cough) years ago and have toyed with the idea every so often of continuing on with my education and acquiring an advanced degree. I've actually attempted to get started on this process twice by taking courses and prepping to take my GMAT.  I scored horribly on my first attempt so decided I would switch up my prep strategy for the second go-round. Well, things happen and 3 years later I've taken not one step closer in even attempting to start the process over again.

I began to question whether an MBA would really be worth the investment (in both time and financial resources).  Dallas Mavericks owner and billionaire entrepreneur, Mark Cuban has notoriously stated that “an MBA is an absolute waste of money.” The more I thought about it, the more I agreed with this sentiment and the more it started to lose its appeal. A few years ago I was trying to get back into the marketing industry at manager level because that’s where I had left off after being laid off. My gift/curse  was that I was accustomed to being promoted quickly which resulted in a relatively less years of experience typically desired for the positions I wanted but knew I was fully capable of being successful at.

In my job search I saw the term MBA quite a bit but what really seemed to stick out as important was a proven track record. Employers wanted to know that this person would be able to do the job and get them results and cared less about how much they've read about getting the job done. The employer really didn't want to be my lab rat. So most of those places that listed an MBA in the “requirements” section, also carefully noted that this qualification was “preferred” and not a must. In all reality even the ones that claim an MBA is a must would hire a candidate without one if he/she had the track record that proved they've consistently been able to successfully complete the functions of the job without one.

For me, I didn't feel like it would prove anything about my abilities to my potential, future employer. How beneficial could it be to be viewed as the candidate with a Master’s in Business Administration and nothing close to mastery in real-life business administration? In addition to that, I’m creating a road map for my future entrepreneurial development and my future employer doesn't require an MBA and is more concerned with real-world application of skills.

This isn't to say that I believe everyone should pass on the MBA. You have to evaluate your own circumstances and weigh the pros and the cons. It also isn't to say that I’ll never change my mind. I may determine down the line that an MBA will yield me a significant return on investment.  Shoot, I could change my mind tomorrow. Point is, if ever that time should come, I’ll reassess and make an educated decision based on how I realistically see this benefiting me. Thanks for reading. Now let’s make power moves ladies.


J. Daniel

Looks 2 - Leopard Top - Final --9A

Looks 2 - Leopard Top - Final --4A

Looks 2 - Leopard Top - Final --8A

look 2 3-in1

Looks 2 - Leopard Top - Final --3

Look2 collage(Photo credit Sean Griffin Photography)

If you work in Corporate America or if working in Corporate America is a goal of yours, it's time to embrace the idea of working in a corporate jungle. I put this look together as a tribute to my current place in the jungle.

I love the idea of combining a leopard print with a bold solid color. I think a vivid shade of green or purple would have worked just as well. I accessorized with some gold pieces and a black and gold quilted bag that mimics the style of the Prada Lux Saffiano Pyramid bag.

My wildlife-influenced attire is a fashionable embodiment of my day-to-day role in this corporate jungle. Complete with king (CEO), packs (cliques and teams) and predators (self-explanatory), this jungle at times, is certainly survival of the fittest but I manage to have fun with it. Look good - feel good. Feel good - do good.


Jordan's office Screen Shot 2014-04-04 at 12.12.42 AM

So I might be a smidge late on this but I guess better late than never. Last December I went to see the movie The Best Man Holiday. The movie had barely even started before I was hit with a 1-2 punch of visual goodness. In one of the movies first moments the scene opens on Jordan, Nia Long's character as she paces the floor of a breathtaking, big-city office.  Now as beautiful as that spectacular office was, it paled in comparison to the vision of power and poise that was Ms. Long in that perfectly tailored, two-tone suit.

Nia long in Best Man crop2

I was in love with this look. I immediately had to find out more. It was time to do some digging. Let me tell you, I would have been completely consumed by my research had I not been so darn busy with a pending trip to Montreal and Black Friday related, deadline madness at work. After a thorough search I discovered that the outfit was one of a kind. This saddened me a little (Don’t mind me I would soon remember that I sit well outside the proper tax bracket for individuals actually capable of affording this type of magnificent creation to begin with). The two-piece suit was vintage Alexander McQueen layered in organza, lace and tulle and was specially customized for Jordan’s character.

After coming to the painful realization that not even several weeks of savings would afford me the good conscience to acquire the fabulousness that is this ensemble, I set out on a mission to find some business looks that played off the same color blocking idea. Here’s what I came up with:

  1. Moschino Blazer and Tulle Skirt: This first selection is the closest thing I think you’re going to get to the McQueen suit. It’s also the closest I’m featuring in the McQueen price range. The blazer rings up at nearly $2,000.00 and the skirt almost $1,500. If this floats your boat, click the link to add to your collection. Click here for more info
  2. BASLER Short Sleeve Color Block Dress: This color block one piece is stunning and although it’s not a suit like the McQueen, it plays off of the same idea. Strategically placed blocks of color do wonders for the figure. Click here for more info
  3. Three Dots Color Block Dress: Much more modestly priced, this long sleeve pencil dress gives you just a touch of sexy while still keeping thing conservative. Click here for more info
  4. ASOS Structured Pencil Dress: One of my favorite online shops does a great job of delivering this Pretty/Powerful look. Short sleeves make this a great piece for transitioning from day to night. Throw a blazer over it prepare to make power moves. Click here for more info


So there you have it. Have fun recreating the look. Thanks for reading. Now let's make power moves lades.


stinky attitude 2

It's crazy to think about how many people never stop to consider how their attitude affects their professional growth and will never make the correlation. Why do you think brown nosers so often succeed at getting ahead? They, like no one else, understand the importance of being liked. Now, I am in no way shape or form suggesting that you become a brown noser. If you, like myself take pride in being a genuine person, you'll agree that there is something nearly vomit inducing about watching a co-worker stick their nose so far up a superiors ass that they almost come out with vital organs cemented to their nostrils. What I am saying is that there is a lot of validity to their actions (hence why they continue to behave this way) and as with most things in life, there are some valuable lessons to be learned from your stained nose colleagues.

If I just work really, really hard…

First of all, nobody cares about how hard you work. Okay that's a lie. Well actually it's not a complete lie. Being good at what you do is important but surprise, surprise there are things that are equally important or even more important than slaving away the hours. Lessons I've learned during my trek through the corporate jungle have taught me that those who are well liked and go out of their way to be perceived as such reap the benefits. These are the people who get the coveted projects, accolades and promotions.  Period. That's almost always a given, unless you're a total ditz, who really doesn't have the slightest idea what you're doing. In that case, just be thankful you have a job. Clearly your boss has a conscience and would feel horrible letting you go because you're so darn likable.

Leadership will shout from the mountaintop all the livelong day about how much the quality and quantity of your work matters but the truth is, if you're a jerk, bitch or standoffish loner all that stuff is secondary. It's not all their fault though. Generally speaking, the folks in leadership positions don't know they're telling you a bald-face lie. It's more psychological than you think. Human behavior shows us that we like people who like us and conversely dislike people who dislike us. When we're complimented we don't stop to think about ulterior motives. Shoot, we're just happy someone complimented us. “Why yes, yes I am looking especially fabulous in this dress. I thought so when I put it on this morning. Thank you for confirming.” Endorphins are released and we don't even notice the lips on our backside. We're also trusting. We want to believe people's intentions are good.  So what may be obvious brown nosing to those on the outside looking in, is just a genuine feel good interaction to the brown nosee. Though working hard and quality work may be important, it’s not the end all be all in your quest for professional growth. Never forget that likeability is extremely important as well.

So how can you make people like you?

Well, you can't, not genuinely I don't think. However, what you can do is make sure that people see you for the likable you that you already are. You have friends (hopefully). They like you don’t they? Your colleagues don’t have to be your friends but try taking some of them out of the “just people I work with” box and putting them in the “pretty cool people” box. Find out if you share common interests.  Take some time to chat with people and get to know them. Human beings are vain. We love it when someone takes interest in us. Compliment people. Now please don't go around throwing out compliments like you're on a Mardi Gras float tossing beads to flashers, a la Girls Gone Wild, but if you genuinely like something, by all means compliment away.

Act like you give a damn

tina fey eye roll

Another thing that goes a long way is showing your coworkers and superiors that you actually care (at least a little bit) about things that are important to them. You may not have any interest in birthday cake or the birthday party they're having for Rick in the conference room but at least stop by for a few minutes and wish the guy a happy birthday.

Stop being so damn disagreeable


For crying out loud, everything doesn't have to be an intense debate or a bitchfest. Don't be labeled as the complainer. Different viewpoints are great but no one likes a chronic complainer, Debby Downer or Defensive Deborah (See what I did there?). There are few things more annoying at work than a meeting that should have been over 20 minutes ago but we're all still stuck in here because you've gone all General No-man Schwarzkopf, Jr. over here leading the charge on why the new process will be impossible. Here's a thought: Air your initial concerns, then try out the new process and if you still have concerns, bring them up again but please don't be a jerk or bitch about it.

People like you outside of work. Why not share that likable version of you with your bosses and coworkers? It's easier than you think. I mean what's the worse that can happen; you get promoted? Thanks for reading. Now... Let's make power moves ladies.