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Confession: I’m horrible at remembering names. We’re introduced, I say your name and it immediately falls out of my brain the moment it’s left my mouth. I’m trying to get better at this I promise, because this is bad, bad, super bad for business. So I wanted to share some of the methods I’m currently trying to employ. If you’re anything like me, maybe some of these will come in handy to you.

Repeat the name right after you hear it

Now, I've heard this one before and it still hasn't quite worked for me. As mentioned above, I still manage to forget the name even after just repeating it. I think the key for me may be multiple repetitions. Not only should I repeat the individuals name but also use it in the conversation. “It’s a pleasure to meet you Gabrielle… So, Gabrielle you’ll be working with us on the retention project… Gabrielle you seem to be full of great ideas?” I should also close things out by concluding with the name. “It was great meeting you Gabrielle. I look forward to working with you.” Obviously, make sure not to overdo it.

Relate the name to something naughty

This can be our dirty little secret. Association is a great way to remember things. Associate the new person’s name to something funny or naughty. If you can think of something, this should make their name a breeze to remember.  I won’t give you an example here. I trust you can be creative. Important: be careful to never blurt out your naughty association. You’ll probably want to take this one to the grave.

Relate similar names - “Like my friend Anthony.”

Another association method: Relate the name to someone you already know with the same name.  Picture the face of the person you know and hold that image in your mind for a few seconds. Now when you see new Anthony you’ll think of old Anthony and instantly remember the name ( In theory of course).

Write that sucker down.

Granted you’re not always in a position to write things down when you’re out and about meeting people, but if you get the chance to steal away for a second or can hold on to the name just long enough to be able to make a note of it post-meeting, by all means do so. You’re lucky it’s still fresh so write it down as soon as you get the chance. If you’re like me and your smart phone is typically within reach, pull up your notes app and punch that baby in.That’s it for my 2 cents on the subject. Now, let's make power moves ladies.

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Black and White Outfit - 6 -_

Black and White Outfit - 4 - 9146

Black and White Outfit - 5 edit- 9178

Black and White Outfit - 7 edit-_

Black and White Outfit - 8 - 9235

Black and White Outfit - 10 edit- 9237

details collage3 (Photo credit Sean Griffin Photography)

The structured lines if this black, military-inspired blazer are contrasted by the carefree design of the loose-fitting, black and white pants.  What is seemingly a paradoxical paring in theory translates to a combination that works exquisitely well together in real life.

I chose to complement the sharp look of the blazer with some equally sharp looking pointed toe heels.  The ankle strap heel with metallic toe and finish along with silver accessories work with precision to make for an effortlessly balanced look.

Florals image 3

Once again it’s Test Kitchen Tuesday and spring is near. Time to test out on paper, an idea I had for a spring look and see if it’s worth trying to pull off at a later date. Today’s look was a bit of a challenge. Though a fab pencil skirt is generally right up my alley, I really don’t like floral patterns I loathe floral patterns. Multi-colored floral patterns just always seem to remind me of Grandma’s linens. I think I can smell the Bengay as I type. So you see, I can’t…, I just caaaan’t.

Mission: Find a floral pattern that did not repulse me. Outcome: Gasp, not only did this Milly Sea Blossom Skirt not repulse me, but I believe I can say that I am so smitten I might actually be weak in the knees. The floral pattern is minimal (thank God) and also in an aquatic theme. Paired with some AH -MAZING Nicholas Kirkwood heels in matching hues, this look is a total winner in my book. I really hope I get to bring this look to life soon. Wish me luck!

As most of you know, I’m a Sheryl Sandberg fan and have reviewed her book, Lean In on the blog. So when it was announced yesterday that Sandberg had launched a campaign to deter the use of the word “bossy” as it pertains to young girls, I was already on board without knowing much about the new initiative.  I didn’t need to hear that Beyonce, Diane von Furstenberg, Condoleezza Rice or Jane Lynch were involved (although that lineup is kinda friggin awesome). I was just excited to learn more about it.

Having read the book, I know exactly where Sandberg is going with this. It all stems back to equality in the work place for women, and what better place to start then by being mindful of the things we say to young girls so that we’re not stifling their possible growth into future leaders? It isn’t just about the word “bossy”. It’s about all the things that are said to young girls that give them the impression that it’s not okay to be ambitious or that it's not okay to want to be leaders. It's about all the things that tell them it’s more important to be liked than to embrace a natural inclination to be a great leader.

Okay, so the title of the campaign “Ban Bossy” weighs a little heavy on the cheesy scale.  I’m sure the copywriter who thought of it was focused on the alliteration, so pleased with how it sounded rolling off the tongue that the cheese factor didn’t quite register with him or her but is that reason enough for all of the negative backlash? I don’t know. A contributor for Forbes blasts Sandberg, essentially telling her to get her priorities straight because “There Are Far Worse Things Than Being Called Bossy”. Another site brands the initiative “The stupidest campaign ever”. While I don’t quite know about all that, I will give a little on the call to ban the word.  Ban is a hell of a strong word and like I just said it makes the whole thing sound super cheesy (yes, after consideration, I increased the cheese level from a little to super). However, I don’t think we should get caught up in word play. Let’ not let that detract from the intention of the campaign. Fact is, there’s a problem with inequality for women in this country and like Sheryl, we should be attempting to work at the root of the problem to try and resolve it. Rather than bashing a woman who’s trying to do something positive, why not take a deeper look at what she’s trying to accomplish here and try to encourage little girls with leadership skills to strive to be leaders they were born to be. Visit for more info.

"Let's make power moves ladies."  Thanks for reading.


J. Daniel


Here’s a great piece on a few women we know that have been called bossy. Among them Anna Wintour, Michelle Obama, Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor, Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, Barbara Walters, and more.

16 Successful Women Who Were Once Called Bossy or Worse - Time

Bow tie 9 orig-1finalBow tie 11 final

Bow tie 10 final

Bow tie 12 final

So my fascination with menswear continues. As you may already know, I enjoy taking menswear pieces and sporting them in an ultra feminine fashion. From the time we're little it's engrained in our minds that we are girls and therefore should be partial to pink and all of the color variations in that family. So what better way to make this masculine piece read as feminine then by wearing in audacious hot pink?

To keep things authentic I picked up an actual men's bow tie (no clip-on here) from the men's department at Macy's and threw on an equally audacious Pepto-Bismol colored cardigan over a standard white button up and Voilà... I completely emasculated this bow tie and had a grand ol' time doing it. So what do you guys think?  Could I make some power moves in this?





test kitchen imageSome times I get an idea for an outfit and it looks absolutely stunning in my head. Oftentimes, things turn out just as I envisioned and my idea looks great and sometimes umm... not so much. No real biggie. I usually just make few adjustments and rock an alternate version of my idea.

So here's my test kitchen. Basically, it’s just a visual representation of what's going on in my head so I can see it and get a better idea of how things will look when I pull all of the elements together thereby avoiding a ton of adjustments later on.

Now, I'm calling this my professor look. The objective is to create a look that gives off the aura of a distinguished professor. And what says, "I'm a professor" better than a smart tweed jacket and jeans? Sure some valid credentials and some actual students might say it too,  but whatever, let's not nitpick. It's all about the style here and I'm looking forward to putting this one together. I'll let you know how things turn out.