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Kimora mock office option2

So I was inspired by this photo of Kimora Lee Simmons standing in what is presumably her office at JustFab headquarters in California where she serves as the fashion e-tailer’s president and Creative Director.  I created this mock up with pieces I might put together if I were to mimic this look in real life.

black glass top table

This desk (read: kitchen table) is a sexy piece, fit for a fashionista-queen. No drawers or filing but what it lacks in functionality it makes up for in undeniable style. view item 

dotted line


Mobility plus style make this traditional style chair perfect for day-to-day tasks. Although, I do cringe at the thought of my morning tea (I don't do coffee) falling on the pretty white cushions. view item

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Black white bookcase

How about this book case huh? That black interior is the perfect backdrop for a couple of picture frames and dainty little accent pieces.  Oh yeah, and a few books. view item

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Chandelier 2

What says "I work in style" better than  a chandelier strung over you as you complete official business?  Too fab! view item

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Cinderella shoe quote

Throw it on the wall and see what sticks. Use decals as decor to motivate, inspire or simply give you the warm and fuzzies on a daily basis. view item

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Who says your workplace has to be drab and stuffy? We spend so much of our lives at work that it only makes sense that our workspaces be a reflection of our personalities. The spaces we work in should be inviting, inspiring and comfortable.  After all, this is ground zero for all your future power moves.

Not sure how to decorate your space? Loosen up your collar, let down the hair a little and really make the space your own. Incorporate visual cues that speak towards your unique personality and style.

businessman bridge

So I've read a couple of these “Things successful people do…” and “Things rich people do…” lists and thought I’d share one of the more recent ones I've come across and then I thought “Why not include a couple?”.  As with everything else, to each his own when it comes to finding a rhythm of things that work for you but I feel like getting insight into the activities highly successful people have in common could very possibly have some real value. I've read “The 7 Habits of Highly Successful People” and that had some good takeaways but cross referencing some of these lists helps to further open my eyes to some of the things I could be doing to promote my success and the rationale behind them. Some of the common points:

Wake up early.

This seems to be on all the lists. It’s a pretty obvious one. Early bird gets the worm kinda thing. Getting up earlier gives you a head start on the day and more time to be productive. I currently wake up at or before 6 am (because my commute is a pain). I’m also a notorious night owl who regularly runs on 3-4 hours of sleep so this getting up even earlier business… ehh I’ll let you know how that works out.

Do the important things first.

Oh, I've got this one in a bag. Maybe not a full size bag but more like a sandwich bag. Alright, maybe a snack bag.  Jokes aside, I’m much better at prioritizing now-a-days than I was previously but there could always be room for improvement.

Finish your to do list.

Oh the insanity. What the #^@%? How am I supposed to do that? Well maybe I could put less stuff on the list. Ugh, but everything seems so important when I put it on the list. But what’s the point of listing it if I know I’m not going to get to it,right? Alright, alright so you have a point.  I’ll work on it, geez.

Want more? Check out some of my favorite lists below:

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So I posted about the Wine Women & Shoes Event and how great that was.  Now I’ll give you the scoop on what I wore. My thought process was to go with something dainty and chic to mirror the tone of this this sophisticated but fun brunch. My lace shirtdress featured a full skirt with a nude colored underlining. I thought about matching my shoes to the underlining to compliment the demure look but uhh… you know that thought lasted about all of 2 seconds. Clearly my urge to add bold color and send mixed messages is never-ending.  I opted for a teal clutch, green and teal shoes and touches of coral in the accessories to pull my nice but slightly naughty look together.




I had the pleasure of attending the 3rd annual Wine Women & Shoes event benefiting the Miami Children's Health Foundation, which supports providing world class care to children at the Miami Children's Hospital. The event which was sponsored by Roger Vivier, included wine tastings, a fashion market place, silent auction, luncheon and fashion show.

Pedastal modelssml

Local celebs like news anchors Laurie Jennings and Belkys Nerey were in attendance. Of course all the attendees were dressed to the nines. One could expect nothing less. Stylish ensembles were smartly coordinated with fabulous handbags but all glory was left for the bevy of statement making shoes and then there were the shoe contests...


ladies with shoes 2sml

ladies with shoessml

Shoe contest winnerssml

The event's designated "Shoe Guys" did their part in contributing to the shoe-loving ambience. I could almost think of no better way to spend the afternoon than by sipping on wine while gazing upon shoes presented by men on silver platters and all for a noble cause to boot. Who thought of this ingenious concept?

Harrison 2

The event spotlighted Harrison Breslow and his family in a touching story about his battle with a sudden heart condition and the extraordinary efforts taken by Miami Children’s Hospital to save his life. Not just a heart-warming story, but also a great reminder of how important it is to support organizations like this. If we can have a little fun mingling with interesting women and shoe gazing while doing it, well… then that’s just all the better.


Turtle neck 20v2

Turtle neck 18v2

Turtle neck 19v2

Turtle neck 21v2

I did a lengthy stint in New York a few years back and during my time in The Big City I was able to pick up on a few implicit fashion rules; principles that would generally be considered a given if you were to ask any “real New Yorker”.

Now, when it comes to sporting bright colors, I’m a Miami girl to the core, winter be damned. So I’ve never been too keen on wearing an abundance of dark colors. However, for me, dark turtlenecks have always had a certain je ne sais quoi.

For this NY-esque look, I ornamented my ensemble with some of my favorite gold accessories. Also note how the hem on the pants was also the perfect length for showing off the patent leather collar on my leather point toe shoes. All together a classic look that could easily be considered a standard in any 5th Avenue townhouse.


Lean in book image 2

So I've finished reading Lean In and boy was it a page-turner (figuratively speaking of course, because I “read” the audio version). First of all, where has this book been all my life? Secondly, shame on me for not picking it up as soon as it was released last March. I can’t even begin to imagine how helpful this book would have been to me about 13 years ago when I was trying to figure out what to do with my life. But I digress, so let's get into the present and by present I don't just mean present day I mean the gift that I have given myself by finally making the decision to purchase this book.

So one day while surfing the Internet, I stumbled upon a Ted Talk given by Facebook COO, Sheryl Sandberg. Now if you're not familiar with Ted Talks, please get familiar because man, are you missing out. Essentially, Ted Talks are a series of short conferences that are live streamed and then archived on The talks range in subject matter and are given by industry leaders, activists, celebrities and a slew of other influential types. Bill Clinton, Al Gore, Malcolm Gladwell, Tony Robbins and Bono for example, have all given some noteworthy Talks. See Sandberg's Talk below:

But back to the book. Like most self-help books (although Sheryl rejects the idea that Lean In fits this classification) it highlights several things that you very likely would have already known prior to happening upon it in Lean In. The advantage is that the book frames these concepts with relatable scenarios and fact based data. Yes, of course you know that women historically have always gotten paid less than men, but did you know that in 40 years, through all of our fighting and protesting, that we’ve only been able to raise compensation by 18 cents for every dollar. Yes, you know that women often choose family before career but have you thought about how many women do this before they even have a partner in mind for starting that family with? Lean In covers this and many other topics smartly, advising women not to torment themselves with the notion of choosing work over an imaginary family.

Sheryl does a great job of incorporating her own personal stories in along with the stories of other women, juxtaposing the thought provoking anecdotes alongside the cold hard facts. Rarely do we get to delve into the mind of women at the top, especially one as prominent and successful as Sandberg. For this reason, I believe it's beyond advantageous for young, burgeoning, professional women and dream chasers like my self to hear what the race really involves from the perspective of a woman who has already made it and still holds a place on top.

This book is one that I definitely plan to keep in my arsenal and revisit whenever I feel like I need a refresher on the proper moves to make when navigating through this corporate jungle. If you're still unsure about whether or not this one is worth picking up, at minimum, please take a look at Sheryl's Ted Talk above and view some of my favorite excerpts from the book below.  Let's make power moves ladies. Thanks for reading.


J. Daniel

Women have to prove themselves to a far greater extent than men do. A 2011 McKinsey report noted that men are promoted based on potential, while women are promoted based on past accomplishments.

Feeling confident – or pretending that you feel confident – is necessary to reach for opportunities. It’s a cliché, but opportunities are rarely offered; they’re seized.

We hold ourselves back in ways both big and small by lacking self-confidence, by not raising our hands and by pulling back when we should be leaning in. We internalize the negative messages we get throughout our lives; the messages that say it’s wrong to be out spoken, aggressive, more powerful than men. We lower our own expectations of what we can achieve.

Please ask yourself : “What would I do if I weren’t afraid?” and then go do it.

Get the book